HSHSP Ep 175: How Teens Can Explore Psychology as College Major

Vicki shares engaging ways homeschool high schoolers can explore the possibilities of a career in Psychology.

Depression and the Homeschooling Mom – HIRL Episode 60

Free podcast dealing with the issue of depression and homeschooling momsAs homeschooling moms, some subjects are very difficult to talk about, especially if we are feeling pressure to put on a facade that our lives are polished and life at home is picture-perfect. Struggling with depression in the homeschooling community can very quickly lead to shame and loneliness. Let’s face it folks, the pressure to have everything all together can make the struggle that much more difficult and the Christian homeschooling world does not always create a safe environment to be real and transparent.

On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, we dive into another difficult discussion about depression among homeschooling moms. Joining us is Dr. Melanie Wilson, a Christian psychologist and homeschooling mom of 6. Together we discuss the signs of depression, how to find help for yourself and how you can minister to other struggling moms.

This is another tough topic and another chance for you as a listener to let us have the conversation first. But please, don’t let it stop there, if you are a mom (or dad) struggling with depression, please reach out and let us point you in the direction to find some help for you.

2:47– Introduction
11:48 – Interview with Dr. Melanie Wilson, Part One
29:43 – Interview with Dr. Melanie Wilson, Part Two

Show Notes

host of The Homeschool Sanity ShowOur Guest on this episode: Dr. Melanie Wilson, Christian Psychologist.
Melanie has a podcast called The Homeschool Sanity Show.
She also blogs at www.psychowith6.com





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