Bringing out the Master Chef in Your Child – with Samantha Barnes of Raddish

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Bringing out the Master Chef in Your Child - Cooking with Kids - The Real Kathy Lee with Raddish Kids

I remember walking by this super cute booth at a homeschool conference and wondering what in the world they were selling. At first glance I noticed measuring cups, colorful picture cards and other cooking utensils. I decided to stop and take a closer look and quickly began chatting with the exhibitor at the booth. The more she talked, the more I loved what was happening in that booth.

Well, the creator of that booth and that product is on the show today. Samantha Barnes is the owner and creator of Raddish, a cooking program for children of all ages. I was so excited to have Samantha on and I asked her several questions regarding her business and her life as a former middle school teacher and cooking pro.

The Real Kathy Lee and Samantha Barnes of Raddish Kids

After Samantha told me about her kids and their new homeschooling adventure, I wanted to know why and how she started Raddish. Secondly, I wanted to know why she thought cooking was an important part of a child’s education. Next, I asked Samantha how she thought Raddish prepared future adults to have confidence in the kitchen and lastly, I wanted to know what advice Samantha had for parents who might be nervous to let their children near a stove or cooking utensils. Samantha had so many great ideas and suggestions.

Our family has used Raddish Kids and we have loved it. I shared with Samantha how my daughter Sarah would squeal when the box arrived in our mailbox each month. I especially loved that all of us could enjoy this program, from the youngest to the oldest.

Take the time to say YES in the kitchen. Baby steps go a long way and your kids (and their spouses) will thank you one day. Get cooking!!!
I know it will help you connect with your kids this week!!

In addition to having Samantha on as a guest, Raddish Kids is sponsoring our podcast this week. You can find out more about this amazing company that we have used at our house and LOVED at Thanks, Samantha!!

Find a way to #sayyes today.

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