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Do you recognize these people? I bet you’d recognize their voices if you listened to these popular shows on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Our show hosts had a fun time meeting in “real” life at the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Nashville, and taking this picture for all of us to enjoy! What is even more special is that Hal and Melanie were guests on Homeschooling IRL on their 9th episode here… before they met in real life.

To the left meet the Fletchers – Dr. Andy (Fletch) and his lovely wife Kendra Fletcher of Homeschooing IRL


 and to the right

The lovely Melanie and Hal Young of Making Biblical Family Life Practical




So, this little post is to remind you to be on the lookout for our show hosts who will be on the road this year – I’m going to ask my show hosts to comment below and let you know where they will be! And, remember we are as close as a computer or smartphone and your favorite podcast player or iTunes! We are so happy to provide this service for the homeschool community. Be sure to make our Radio Show Hosts welcome when they come to a town near you!

~ All the Best — Felice Gerwitz – who will remain home this year, with a Senior graduating time is too short & precious … but be looking for me in the near future.

Our Show Host Speaker’s Schedules – be sure to connect!

Kendra Fletcher – 2:1 in Chicago and TTD in Dallas. The rest are in California.

Kimberly and Mary Beth – Hosts of Roadschooling Moms – host this conference for Road Schoolers Here

Jen Reyneri  will be Emceeing the Social Media Summit at the Florida Parent Educator’s Association  and leading workshops at the FPEA  May 23-25.

Jen will also be sponsoring the 2:1 conference in Chicago and stay tuned, she’s creating a VERY exciting Homeschool Opportunity in MEXICO!


Ultimate Radio Hosts

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

jesus-christHis Small Still Voice …Can you hear it?


I’ve been trying to follow God for the greater part of my life. As a child I prayed and I believed. As an adult, I prayed, I believed, and I got discouraged, more times than not. As I progress on this journey the one true constant has been faith. I hope to share with you bits of that faith-journey that led me into the direct path of homeschooling (kicking and screaming). The homeschool journey has put me in the path of so many amazing people. You will meet some of them right here. Now I can’t imagine my life without these incredible people.

When I was praying, trying to hear the small, still voice of the Lord and the direction he wanted me to take after hosting another online series of events for the better part of three years, I had an idea but would it work?

I wanted to bring homeschool families the help they need—via audio files they could download or listen to live… free, but how? This idea began as a small seed and sprouted into what you see before you.

The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network! UHRN FB Profile image

The Lord is indeed the Good Shepherd! Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Please don’t think I did this alone! The Lord gave me an team of talented people, like the webmaster, Amanda, who created this site from scrawled sheets of site layouts I sent to her; and amazing prayer warriors; my Mastermind team (Kim, Mary Jo, and Maggie); Kim to handle ads; Stephanie graphics and giveaways; and a group of Inspired Blogger moms who had fabulous ideas to share.

The Lord continued to bless me beyond measure by the Show Hosts you see on the drop-down menu on this website– who all said, “Yes!” Not only did they say yes, but they learned strange technology–terms like MPEG, iD3 and teleseminar speak. They learned to edit audio, record on their own, and follow instructions from a person (me) whose personality does not include the word “details.”

Some of these amazing friends are far away and others close by, yet with the wonders of technology, all of them are as close as a computer or phone. These people are  truly gifts from the Lord to me…and, now to you!

I know every one of them, whether from working with them on the webinars I’ve hosted or from their blogs. Some are real-life friends; others are long distance friends. I have listened to their lectures or seminars, read their books, and laughed and cried as we travel life’s course together.

These show hosts are a powerhouse of wisdom and information. They are giving their time and talents to you!

This is my time–my time to lead this group of leaders…to gather them into a wonderful, first ever podcast network just for homeschoolers!

It is my time to be a mentor and to help you in any way that I can. I am always here to listen, to pray and to encourage you. Please know that it is my heart’s desire to see you succeed–not as the world measures success but with the blessings that are priceless, and everlasting.

I’m praying this is a place you will to come often and be refreshed. And, I want to hear from you!

Please tell me in the comments section below what types of show topics you would like to hear.

On behalf of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and all of the show hosts, I welcome you to our station.


Felice Gerwitz