The Real Marriage Podcast – HIRL Episode 48

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1429491764717As homeschoolers, many of us do a great job taking care of our children, their schoolwork and all of their curriculum, but often we miss taking care of our own marriages. That is where Barrett and Jenifer Johnson come in. We know the Johnsons from their ministry at I.N.F.O for Families and their past visits on the HomeschoolingIRL podcast. Now we are happy to introduce you to their new adventure, The Real Marriage Podcast. We think you are going to love it!

You might remember Episode 13, when we spoke with Barrett about his very popular internet article: How To Raise A Pagan In A Christian Household. Then they joined us again on Episode 16 when we discussed the topic: How to Talk To Your Kids About Sex!

On this episode, we pull the Johnsons back into our studio, but this time we turn the tables and ask them all about their new podcast and learn all about The Real Marriage Podcast.

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