HSHSP Ep 34: Realistic Holiday Expectations

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HSHSP Ep 34 Realistic Holiday ExpectationsHSHSP Ep 34: Realistic Holiday Expectations

Ahhh, it’s Christmas Eve!

The Yule log glowing in a Christmas fireplace. Children, dressed in Christmas finery gathered neatly about as they listen enraptured to their grandparents recall family holiday memories. Christmas music plays softly in the background. All the gifts are wrapped. All the decorations are neatly in place. Everyone is enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and spices…

Okay, enough of that. Let’s talk about REALISTIC holiday expectations, so that you don’t break your heart or get snookered by the myth of perfection this Christmas.

Join Sabrina, Kym and Vicki for a fun, encouraging chat!