Accept Responsibility for Your Actions not the Actions of Other People

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You are responsible for your actions not the actions of others

It is so easy to forget that we are to accept responsibility for our actions, not the actions of other people.

I realized this a few months ago because I was upset due to the actions of another person. Their actions did not impact me, personally. But, I was actually angry because I could not understand why someone would do/or say that ‘thing’ which had upset me.

So, I sat back and began to really consider the difference between righteous and self righteous anger. I also thought about Jesus’ commands to love others (including enemies), make disciples, and love the Lord our God more than anything else. As I thought about that, I realized that so often we become angry, upset and honestly downright self righteous when we see other people NOT doing that. I also realized that so many people are mad, angry and living without joy because there is an expectation that others should behave in a certain way, including unbelievers.

As I pondered those thoughts and prayed, I realized that all too often, I try to take on the responsibility of ‘owning’ another person’s actions or thoughts – and other people do it, too.  So, today, I want to share what I have learned about accepting responsibility for my actions, not the actions of other people – and how that has given me the freedom to have peace and rejoice daily. Grab your favorite drink, or your shoes to go for a walk and allow your own heart 20 minutes to find the peace and joy God wants you to experience – even in the worst of times.

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You Don’t Have to Homeschool ALL of Your Children

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Legalism is not required to homeschool. You can homeschool All Some or One of your Children.jpg


YES, You can Homeschool all of your children, some of your children, or one of your children. Seek God’s will for your family, your children and their education. If He directs your path to homeschool all, some, one or none of your children, that is the path you should take.

Join me and Kerry Beck from How To Homeschool My Child as we discuss this very topic and how God directed her to homeschool two of her children and send another to school for high school. She is seeing the fruit of following the Lord’s direction for school and missions trips.

Yes, as always, I got a little off topic, but let the Lord run the show as Kerry and I discussed not only homeschool but how she and her family have gone on mission trips for many years.

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Homeschooling With a Large Family

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Large Family Homeschooling Podcast

Homeschooling with a Large Family

Are you homeschooling 1, 2, 3 or 4 children? You may or may not think you are homeschooling a large family. Honestly, there are days I do think homeschooling 3 children is quite a bit different from homeschooling 1 or 2 children. However, I KNOW homeschooling 3 children is different from 4 or more.

I have learned a few ways of homeschooling my children. We have some subjects we learn as a family and a few I teach based on zones or combined teaching as I am able with my children.

While I love helping any Mom get her footing on solid ground with homeschooling, I know that I can’t really do a LOT to help Moms with more than 4 children. So, today, I have special guest, Amy (Raising Arrows) who currently has 7 children on earth and one in Heaven. She writes amazing posts helping Moms in their homes with organization, school and more than that, as a wife. Amy has also written an eBook called: Large Family Homeschooling I know you will want to read. So, I can’t wait for you to listen to today’s podcast.

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Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

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Special Needs Homeschooling Podcast Special Needs Homeschooling is a topic that is discussed more now than ever. No longer are parents under the impression that they can’t homeschool a child who needs extra help, but many are actually bringing home children who do have special needs.

When we brought one of our children home, we did so because we knew this child was struggling and the only way they would receive help would be when they began failing. We decided that was not in the best interest of our child. So, we began homeschooling one of our three. At the end of that first year, all three of our children were at home and we are now entering our 6th year of homeschooling.

On Today’s show, Jennifer Janes shares how she began homeschooling and realized the needs of both of her daughters. Each one created in the image of God and for His purpose and both with special needs that has grown Jennifer over the years.

I remember talking with Jennifer several years ago as she began to realize the needs her children had then. We prayed together, talked through possibilities and it was wonderful watching her begin the journey of being an advocate for her girls. I pray you will listen to this podcast and be inspired. Jennifer’s desire is to equip and encourage any parent who has a child with special needs. She writes about their journey on her blog JenniferAJanes.Com and welcomes questions through comments, Facebook, or email.

You can find Jennifer through: Her Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter

Adoption and Foster Care

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Foster Care and Adoption is possible when homeschooling

Are you considering Foster Care and possibly Adoption? Are you fearful about how to do that whether or not you homeschool? Many face that same fear. But, it is possible to follow the path of Foster Care and/or Adoption of God is leading you down that path.

Today, my friend Aurie from Our Good Family wants to encourage and equip you to begin this journey. Her family has (currently) Fostered 9 children with two currently in their home in addition to their two biological children while homeschooling.

During this podcast, Aurie shares the truth about the journey – it’s not easy, but it is filled with grace and joy.

So, press the play button and begin this journey or be encouraged if you are already walking the path of Foster Care and/or Adoption

In addition, you can find resources on Aurie’s blog:

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Mentoring Others by Building Relationships and Trust

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Mentoring Others by Building Relationships and Trust All around the world, women are seeking others to walk this journey with them. So many grew up in broken homes, through divorce, death and just need someone to help them learn the beauty of loving their husbands and their children.

It seems like it would be easy to find someone to walk this journey, but it isn’t. One of the things women lost when we left our homes and entered the work force, is the ability to be vulnerable because of the new theme “You can Have it All because YOU are WOMAN.” Too often, women are afraid to ask for help because of this mentality and others are afraid to offer to help for the same reason.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Every moment we are influenced by others around us. It’s time to let down the barriers and find those people who will influence us for selfless reasons for the glory of God.

Join me today, as I share a beautiful talk with Connie Albers. She is a wife and mom who has graduated 5 children from homeschool, worked with Disney World, Estee Lauder, Conventions and other companies, but she always kept her family first. I know you are going to be encouraged and find a new perspective on building relationships and trust with others who are sitting right beside you.

You can find Connie:  on her blog ConnieAlbers.Com  , Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin

Homeschooling With Littles (and a little about Canadian Homeschooling)

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Homeschooling with a baby multiple children with joy and a a wife.jpgAre you a homeschooler? Do you have a baby? Do you have multiple children under 10? Are you wondering how you can maintain the relationship with your husband? Do you want to know a little about Homeschooling in Canada? And where do you begin as a Daughter of the most HIGH King??? How on earth can you possibly find Joy in a home that is full of hustle and bustle 24 hours a day?

Homeschooling with multiple children, little children, babies, remaining a loving wife and rejoicing daily – are covered in this amazing discussion between me and my sweet friend Lauren from Serving From Home.  We have a REAL discussion about these topics and how we have found ways to find joy in a real world, as real moms – without having hearts of complaining even when all of our plans fall apart.

You can find Lauren on her blog: Serving From Home, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Homeschooling Can Be a Ministry

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Homeschool Can be a MinistryHomeschooling can be a  ministry in your home and around the world. Too often we can get stuck in meeting the academic needs of our children and miss the bigger (and better) picture of discipling them to become adults that serve others in their local area and around the world.

How do you do that? Well, I’m glad you asked. A few years ago, I met Leslie and David Nunnery from Teach Them Diligently.  Their hearts for homeschoolers and sharing the gospel around the world have lead them on a journey of joys and sorrows. Regardless of any tough times, they know that they are working for the Lord and are honored to do just that.

Their hearts are to encourage you and others to disciple your children and make disciples of all nations.  So, take a seat, go for a walk, and listen to this sweet and fun conversation with a very dear friend of mine. I know you will be blessed and will bless others by it.  Make sure you share it with others. Let’s start a movement together that leads to a revival across the world – on Rejoicing Daily


Rejoicing Daily with Israel Wayne

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Rejoice, You are RedeemedIt’s easy to think that everyone who homeschools is perfect (except you). When you walk into co-op, a Mom’s meeting or a convention, it’s easy to assume everyone attending and speaking at the convention/group grew up in a perfect home focused on Christ and they would turn their back on you if they knew the truth about you.

That, my friend is a myth and is completely untrue.

Everyone has something they are struggling with. Speakers, Moms, Dads, Grandparents: every single person has problems, struggles and sin.

I learned this, as I began talking with the speakers and vendors at homeschool conventions. I would not have the typical conversation with them about ‘which curriculum is best.’ Instead, I would ask the hard questions to identify what would be best for growing our children’s knowledge and wisdom in God so that He can open their hearts to the true learning, He has planned for them.

Israel Wayne was one of the first people I met who really shared from the heart. His story is one that will make you realize, this journey is never easy for anyone, but with God in the center, we can bask in the beauty of Jesus’ redemptive love and learn to Rejoice Daily!

I am excited to share this podcast with you today!

You can find Israel: Israel Wayne (blog), Family Renewal (podcast) and Facebook

Enjoy Rejoicing Daily with special guest: Israel Wayne 

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