Back to School Checklist for Special Needs Homeschooling

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Back to School Checklist for Special Needs Homeschooling | Every year, when we began school, it was with joy and a bit of trepidation. At this point, I did not have a checklist for my Special Needs Homeschooling. I didn't have a. I wondered what surprises the new school year would hold | #blog ##homeschooling #TipsHomeschooling #BacktoSchoolChecklistforSpecialNeedsHomeschooling #SpecialNeedsHomeschooling #ChecklistforSpecialNeedsHomeschooling #BacktoSchoolChecklist #BacktoSchoolBack to School Checklist for Special Needs Homeschooling

Every year, when we began school, it was with joy and a bit of trepidation. At this point, I did not have a checklist for my Special Needs Homeschooling. I didn’t have a. I wondered what surprises the new school year would hold. We began by reviewing information already learned from the previous year. Many times, there were tears, my tears, not his. And I wondered if he’d ever write his whole name on less than a half sheet of paper, although I did applaud that accomplishment. After a period of prayer, I knew something had to change.

A Realization About My Own Needs and the Idea for a Checklist

I quickly realized a routine needed to take place more for my sanity than my son’s.  In addition, I could chart his progress more readily and not feel we were stagnant when we were actually doing quite well. And so I began what I called the back-to-school checklist. I also created a middle and end-of-the-year list to keep our schooling on track. It was a chance to analyze my goals and make plans without the stress of trying to go to school simultaneously.

Know Your Self, Know Your Special Needs Student

At first, my list was very simple; I started with the big picture and then narrowed it down until I devised a daily schedule and chores. To begin with, I looked at things like my goals for homeschooling and training, such as a particular character quality I wanted to see improved. Then I moved to my philosophy, what homeschool methodology worked for me. I found that my methodology changed at different times in my homeschool journey. At the beginning, everything was very “hands-on” and science-oriented. As my son grew older and his analytical skills improved, we could turn a corner into the area that would be best described as creative, such as writing and beginning a simple newsletter among the cousins in the family.

The Checklist Direction

The checklist kept me going in the right direction, and it was even a blueprint if my child was frustrated; believe me, there were twists and turns along the way. It allowed me the latitude to make decisions and changes very quickly. As my planning became more second nature, I implemented a middle-of-the-year check to be sure our goals were the same or pencil in time to analyze our curriculum and whether it was working for us. One year, I completely scrapped our math program and changed mid-year. It was the right decision for my son, and he flourished. I was happy I had the courage to do this, or I would have had a miserable school year!

Here is a sample of the items on my checklist, and I encourage you to add to this list and create your own.

Ultimate Special Needs Back to School Checklist:

  • Plan – Start big picture and continue to narrow down
  • Family mission statement
  • Family goals
  • Character quality (per child) and even one for family
  • Spiritual goals
  • Curriculum checklist –by subject
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Daily Schedule
  • Everyday Chores
  • Daily Chores
  • Catch-Up Day
  • Field Trips Planned
  • Mini-Vacations
  • Holiday Vacation or Break Time

Make the list work for you; don’t be a slave to this list. The great thing about making a plan is that you have a focus and a direction; your family will thank you!

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