Rough-housing, Noise, and Other Frustrations of Raising Boys – MBFLP 121

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MBFLP 121 - Rough-housing H
One of the things which surprised Melanie as a young mom of boys is their natural inclination to rough-and-tumble play. It’s normal, and some researchers say it’s even helpful. As society has become more and more anxious about masculine behavior and anything which looks “physical,” boys and their families may be wrestling with this idea — so join us in this episode as we glory in the day-to-day commotion that is raising sons!


1:16 – Is this normal?
6:50 – Rough play
8:08 – The importance of play
9:49 – Ideas for managing rough-housing
17:22 – Competition
23:35 – Noise
28:59 – The challenges of raising boys


Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D, “Do Boys Need Rough-And-Tumble Play?” 6/30/15

Hal and Melanie Young, Raising Real Men. Chapter 4, “Taking Up Arms” on violent play; Chapter 6, “Racing to Win,” on games and competition (including the Puritans’ view we mentioned)

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