Routines in Your First Homeschool Year

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I am so excited about this week’s episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show. I have been wanting to interview new homeschoolers for a long time and have my listeners take the journey with them. It’s finally happening! I will get introduce you to the five women who are going to be joining me each month in a bit, but first I’d love to have you write a review of this podcast. I have no reviews on Stitcher, so I would especially love for you to write one there. Reviews are how homeschoolers find the show and decide to give it a try. It does take a few minutes of your time, so as a thank you, I will read a review or two and give you a shout out on the show.

Need for Routines: Homeschooling, the First Year Podcast

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Thank you so much to Apologia for sponsoring this podcast. Their quality Christian materials for planning, science, Bible, and literature are perfect for new and experienced homeschoolers alike. Find them at

Teaching Tip of the Week

The teaching tip of the week is to use turn-key curriculum. I’m a creative person. I love to come up with my own unit studies and I’ve even written my own language arts curriculum. But I’m also a very busy person. I still have four kids at home and the two in college take a surprising amount of my time. I have no doubt you’re busy too. Save your creative passion for the subjects you really love and find a ready-to-go curriculum for the subjects you don’t.

An excellent turn-key curriculum is Debra Bell’s Readers and Writers in Residence from Apologia. I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Bell on Facebook Live about homeschool planning. I know you’ll be impressed by her credentials and homeschooling experience. This curriculum is incredibly thorough and is directed to the student, 4th grade and up. Your teaching time is minimal. The combined student text and notebooks are beautiful! Your child will love using them. You can promote independent learning and know that your students are getting a quality foundation in language arts. Get an inside look, a discount code, and a chance to win these two curricula on Tuesday, June 27th at 4 E/3C/2M/1P on Facebook Live at

The Need for Routines in the First Year of Homeschooling

Now for this week’s topic. I interviewed four new homeschoolers about why they began homeschooling, what they’ve done to get ready to homeschool, and what routines look like in their home. If you’re an experienced homeschooler, you’ll enjoy hearing what Courtney had to say. We had some technical difficulties with her interview, so I’ll be sharing her responses to my questions. You’ll want to stay tuned for this month’s assignment for homeschool sanity as well.


FLYLady one editable chore checklist here and a new Chore Game printable for subscribers.

the Konmari folding approach,

Do Less

Free meal planning ebook

First Year Homeschoolers Homework for Routines

If you’d like to follow along with our new homeschoolers, here is your homework assignment:

I’m looking forward to checking in with our new homeschoolers (and you too) in August.

Are You Disappointed in Your Homeschool Year?

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When You're Disappointed in Your Homeschool Year: The Homeschool Sanity Show I couldn’t sleep one night last week and I realized what the problem was: I was disappointed in my homeschool year.

If you can relate, you’ll appreciate the three steps I recommend to deal with your disappointment today.

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The Power of Homeschool Routines with FLYLady

How to Get Organized with the FLYLady


The Power of Homeschool Routines with FLYLady

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

If you desire an organized homeschool, start with simple routines. Don't miss this funny and inspiring interview with the FLYLady!Marla CilleyI am still homeschooling today because Marla Cilley (aka FLYLady) coached me into developing routines. Although I have come such a long way in the 13 years since I’ve been the beneficiary of Marla’s wisdom, I still found myself inspired by my interview with her. If you could use some inspiration to establish simple routines in your housework and homeschooling, you’ll love this episode.

Here are some of the great resources described in the podcast:

Sink Reflections – the book that explains it all

Weekly Home Blessing – Get the house clean 10 minutes at a time

Control Journal Freebies – use these to create a planner that includes your routines

Saving Dinner – homeschooler Leanne Ely’s site to help you get dinner on the table

Cozi  and the I’m FLYing Calendar – find out where FLYLady posts her calendar!

Be sure to read my review of the power of routines and the iPhone app that works perfectly with FLYLady’s approach on Psychowith6.

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