MBFLP 112 – Safety on Your New Devices

We can even see it on our website traffic – Christmastime is New Phone Time! A lot of families, especially with teenagers, received new cell phones, tablets, phablets, and laptops recently. Have you talked with your young people about the traps that come with these very useful devices? Do you have a plan to protect your kids from accidental exposure to internet porn? Are you teaching your teens to discern between good and evil – and choose good – when they’re online? This episode we talk about all this and more!


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“Ten Ways To Keep Your Family From Being Devastated By Porn and Predators” – our most popular blog post ever!

“Five Things You Need To Know About Your Boys & Internet Porn”

MBFLP – Summertime Safety – Ticks, Lyme, and All That

MBFLP - Summer Safety Part 2 Ticks Lyme Disease More
Continuing last episode’s discussion about preparing to enjoy the summer safely, this time we’ll share a surprising discovery we made last summer – and a change in attitude we’ve made concerning a common pest. The times have changed for some insect-borne illnesses, and we’ll share some of our hard-won experience to encourage you to avoid a similiar fate!

MBFLP – Fun and Safety On The Water

It’s summer, Hal and Melanie are on vacation, and water safety is a big concern. Peter walked on water when Jesus called him (Matthew 14) but most of us don’t have that direct command! We share some thoughts about how we train our kids to be safe around the lake, pool, or beach – even if you can’t afford a country-club swim instructor. It’s important!

MBFLP – When You Can’t Walk On Water