Will the Real Nicholas, Valentine, & Patrick Please Stand Up

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Will the Real Nicholas, Valentine, & Patrick Please Stand Up

In “Will the Real Nicholas, Valentine, & Patrick Please Stand Up,” Episode, #179, Meredith Curtis uncovers the real St. Nick, St. Valentine, and St. Patrick, debunking popular stereotypes of these men and the holidays celebrated in their honor. Meet 3 Christian superheroes who stood tall in their generation loving God, standing for truth, making disciples, and pastoring churches. You will be inspired by these men and I hope you will introduce them to your children.



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Show Notes

Is St. Nick a roly-poly sleigh rider? Does Valentine love pink hearts and chocolate candies? Is St. Patrick really a lepruchan? It’s time to meet the real men behind these holidays celebrated in their honor.

Bishop Nicholas of Myrna

  • Wealthy, generous, stockings
  • Destroy temple
  • Save from famine, lower taxes
  • Council of Nicaea

Pastor Valentine

  • Pastor
  • Gifts of healing
  • Disobeyed Rome to obey God
  • Letters from Jail urging his flock to stay true to Jesus

St. Patrick, Apostle to the Irish

  • Rejected parent’s faith, captured by raiders, sold as a slave
  • Gave his heart to Christ, escaped
  • Called to ministry, called to Ireland
  • Ministry in Ireland

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Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver

  • Council of Nicaea, lowing taxes, getting grain
  • Letters of encouragement, sharing the Gospel in Jail
  • Speaking to druid priests, sharing Gospel, his testimony

Celebrate Our Christian Superheroes

  • These 3 men plus many more
  • Heroes for Jesus Party
  • Perfect for Reformation Day, but also Valentines Day or St. Patrick’s Day

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