Tips for completing online scholarship applications

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Tips for Completing Online Scholarship Applications

117: Tips for completing online scholarship applications

Guest, Monica Matthews, shares tips for completing online scholarship applications that will help students be successful. Monica has helped her own children and many many others win scholarships to college.

Find Monica at her website, How 2 Win Scholarships, her Facebook page and her Facebook group, Scholarship Help and College Talk for Parents.

Listen to the full episode to hear her explain the following tips.

Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Typing directly into the application
  • Text-typing
  • Nicknames/questionable email addresses
  • Not saving/time limits
  • Waiting until deadline
  • Required materials not sent in time
  • Proofread with trusted eyes
  • Submitting late at night
  • Use full word count and paragraphs

Know the Guidelines

  • What is required and how it should be sent
  • Different deadlines for extra materials
  • Follow directions exactly

Add Extra Information

  • Take advantage of “other” boxes
  • Insert a link to a personal website/blog/Pinterest board
  • Submit beautiful attachments
  • Polite email when submitting

Some of this info can be found in these blog posts and the rest is in Monica’s scholarship ebooks.

College Scholarship Tip: Vital Online Submission Advice

Crucial Tips for Submitting Online College Scholarship Apps

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Tips for Completing Online Scholarship Applications

Finding, tracking and winning scholarships

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Finding, Tracking and Winning Scholarships

Episode 15: Finding, tracking and winning scholarships

1. Finding Scholarships

* Use Scholarship Search Engines
My favorite scholarship search engines:

Other scholarship search engines: Peterson’s, Fastweb, Cappex, Collegeboard,

* Scholly App

* Local school websites

* Google search – “scholarship” + major / hobby / achievement etc

* Facebook – follow people like Monica Matthews

2. Tracking Scholarships

* put all scholarships and requirements and deadlines on Google sheets and share with your child
* child updates when it is submitted
* create a dedicated email for scholarships

3. Winning Scholarships

* Use Google sheets to track volunteer hours, workshops attended etc so you have all the info at hand
* Parent should research see what the chance is of their child winning anything – look for previous winners, read winning essays, watch winning videos
* Keeping it all organized on Google sheets means you shouldn’t miss deadlines, leave anything out.
* Use spell checkers / Grammarly (also human eyes!)

—> Check out our sponsor, FundaFunda Academy‘s summer challenge for high schoolers. Part of the challenge helps students figure out what they need to do to win scholarships, and where to find them. And students can win money in the challenge to put towards their college tuition!

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Finding, Tracking and Winning Scholarships

Giving Scholarships or Discounts

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Giving scholarships or discounts

Does your homeschool group give discounts, scholarships or benevolent gifts? What’s the difference and how should they be operated? Homeschool CPA Carol Topp offers advice and tips on offering help for needy members in this episode.

















Money Management in a Homeschool Organization

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Interviewing for Job and College – MBFLP 130

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MBFLP 130 Interview Skills

We all have lists – maybe we write them down, maybe they’re in our heads – of the things we want our kids to know when they’re all grown up. Have you ever considered how many things even in early adulthood that take an interview? Getting a job, applying for college, competing for a scholarship … interviews for all of them. This episode, we talk about some basic tips on preparing for an interview, presenting yourself honestly and effectively, and being ready for the toughest questions they can throw!

A favorite resource: Martin Yate’s Knock ‘Em Dead series of career development guides

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FW Radio – Getting into College and Getting It Paid For

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FW_011 Getting into College and Getting it Paid For

An interview with Laura Nolette and Shine Curtis.

Changes are being made all over the education system that will affect your ability to get into college and get it paid for. We’re going to talk about the new standards for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarships and other aspects of getting homeschool graduates a college degree without going into debt.

Read more about the Finish Well Team at:

College Admission and Scholarship Secrets for Homeschoolers with Lee Binz

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Lee Binz

Secrets to College Admission and Scholarships with Lee Binz - this podcast is the ultimate guide to homeschooling high school with college as the goal

This interview with Lee Binz, the Home Scholar, should really be titled The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Your Way to College. Lee offers so much valuable information that you’ll want to pin or bookmark this show for later. Be sure to share it with friends! They’ll thank you. Learn:

What a college-prep curriculum looks like

Where you can find help creating a high school transcript

When you need to start the college selection process

Why Lee says her two sons received full tuition scholarships

Lee’s tip for increasing SAT/ACT scores, and much more!

If you are nervous about college prep education, you’ll love this show! If you know someone who isn’t sure they can homeschool high school, I hope you’ll share the show with them.

My favorite quote from the interview is:

Every child deserves a college-prep education.

Want to hear more from Lee? Attend one of her sessions at the St. Louis Homeschool EXPO 2014.

Here are the many invaluable resources mentioned in this podcast:

Scheduling: The Secret to Homeschool Sanity (available on Amazon)

The Home Scholar’s Guide to College Admission and Scholarships

Lee’s Freebies (a list of free resources on that includes the webinar that will help you create a transcript)

Finding a College You Love ebook

FREE Ebook! Finding a College You Love
By Lee Binz, The HomeScholar,

You have cared, nurtured, loved and protected your child for 18 years. Now comes the hard part! You need to somehow find a college that you love, and that will love your child. Colleges love homeschoolers for their academic preparation, socialization, and specialization. They love us and they want us at their school. Right now, colleges and universities around the country are salivating at the chance of getting their hands on your kids AND your money. Today’s wise parent MUST learn to discern high pressure sales tactics embedded in today’s “big business” universities, smooth-as-silk marketing claims that mix the truth with lies, and moral and ethical lingo which hides a “Christian-in-name-only” reality. One essential strategy for finding a college you love is to VISIT. Plan ahead, and arm yourself with knowledge! You only get one chance to do this right and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Learn to find a college you can love!
Download Finding a College You Love!

What’s the biggest concern you have with helping your homeschooled child get into college?