I Love Homeschooling, But I’m Not A Good Teacher – HIRL Episode 33

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HIRL-Episode-33So you don’t have a teaching credential and you’ve never been to college. Does this make you unqualified to teach your kids at home? Continuing our series of “I Love Homeschooling But…”, we get real with the idea of feeling inadequate to teach your children and discuss, “I Love Homeschooling, But I’m Not A Good Teacher.”

Join us on this episode as we sit down with two guests: private school principal and homeschool father, Steve Wilkins, who works through the question of homeschool teacher capability with us. What does it mean to be a successful teacher to your kids?  You just might be surprised by his answer.

After listening to Episode 31: I Love Homeschooling But I Hate Teaching Math, we were contacted by HIRLer Paige Hudson from ElementalScience.com about teaching science at home. We asked Paige to join us and share some very practical answers to the questions about feeling inadequate, unprepared, and ill-equipped as a teacher when it comes to the subject of teaching your kids science.

Episode Timeline
2:19 Introduction to the podcast
7:52 Studio Discussion Part 1 – Where is the balance in homeschool organization?
13:50 Interview with Steve Wilkins
28:08 Interview with Paige Hudson
39:41 WrapUp.

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