HSHSP Ep 67: Science Labs for Non-STEM Teens

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This week on HSHSP Ep 67: Science Labs for Non-STEM Teens!

HSHSP Ep 67 Science Labs for Non-STEM Teens Non-STEM teens must experience science labs, even if they hate science. Here are some tips.

HSHSP Ep 67: Science Labs for Non-STEM Teens

Not everyone loves science. (You probably knew that.)

Some teens are not STEM majors! Their idea of fun education has nothing to do with Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics!

Nevertheless, they must do science labs! In their 3 or 4 required high school science courses, most of those will need labs!

It is true that many college prefer for their incoming freshmen to have experienced 3 lab sciences in high school. These usually include Biology and Chemistry. The third lab science varies according to each homeschool highschooler’s interests.

But what if you have a non-STEM teen?

The very idea of dissecting things in biology lab or mixing scary chemicals in chemistry lab makes them feel queasy (or worse)!

Do not fear! Your friendly big sisters, Sabrina, Vicki and Marilyn are here to help. They have raised STEM-type teens and non-STEM type teens and have done science labs with both (as well as running science labs for their homeschool co-ops and group classes).

They will encourage you with real-life stories of real-life science labs for non-STEM teens!

You CAN do it! Here’s a post on some things we did at one of our homeschool chemistry lab co-ops:

How to Start an Easy Chemistry Lab Co-op for Homeschoolers