Why Studying Science is a Mandatory Life Skill!

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Emma is a Cambridge trained physicist, who teaches online Science classes from True North Homeschool Academy.Why Studying Science is a Mandatory Life Skill!

Today, True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring, is joined by Emma Cummings. Emma is a Cambridge  trained physicist, who teaches online Science classes from True North Homeschool Academy, while homeschooling her own children in Scotland.

Today, she is sharing with us, 3 Reasons Why Studying Science is a Mandatory Life Skill

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  1. It teaches problem solving and critical thinking and logic skills. Students lean both inductive and deductive reasoning from Science study, how to make inferences and the logical conclusions of things. It also teaches excellent communication skills, as the Scientific Method and Lab Reports demand efficient and effective communication.
  2. It awakens science students to the wonder of Creation. Science trains students to notice both the very small, the very large, patterns, anomalies nad more. Throughout this study, Intelligent Design becomes very clear. So many great Scientists have been great men and women of God. Studying Science doesn’t draw people away from God, it draws them to God!
  3. Its FUN! Emma was drawn to science as a young girl because of her love for blowing things up and getting a reaction, and that love dynamic has not changed! She still thinks science is about the most fun a person could have!

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Mrs. Cummings will be teaching Biology/ Physics as well as Astronomy and Math at True North Homeschool Academy,  fall 2022. She also loves tutoring Math and making complex concepts accessible to students who thought they were impossible to understand!

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