Living through Lockdown – Work and School at Home – MBFLP 243

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Welcome to life during a lockdown! Suddenly a lot of families are unexpected homeschoolers – and a lot of wage earners have “come home” to work near their families. It’s a huge transition, even if you planned it months ahead of time. How can you recognize and start to adjust to the very different reality of working and studying alongside one another? Hal and Melanie have been doing this for over 15 years, and we still have things to sort out and discover. This episode we’re talking about some of that experience!

The first part of this episode, we talk about the transition to teaching at home. There are a lot of resources on this network and the archives of this very program! But the second part, we look at the world of working from home when you’ve been used to an office or cubicle, some privacy and peace, and only adult conversation to distract you.

A Passage We Referenced;

It is vain for you to rise up early,
To retire late,
To eat the bread of painful labors;
For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep. (Psalm 127:2 NASB)

Some Other Resources We Mentioned: 

To learn more about Laura Ingalls’ first teaching assignment, check out the book These Happy Golden Years from the “Little House on the Prairie” series.

Want more encouragement about homeschooling in hard times? Check out our workshop on the topic!

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Select episodes of our podcast are also available on YouTube. For a video version, check out our channel here!

Unexpected Homeschooling FREE Resources and Encouragement

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Unexpected homeschooling? Yes, many find themselves in this situation. What a time we are living in right now. My kids and I were just talking about how this moment will go down in our history books. I can see them telling their grandchildren stories about “social distancing,” and the “virus.” It almost doesn’t seem real at times and can be overwhelming and scary to all of us.

Unexpected Homeschooling | Unexpected homeschooling encouragement and free resources to help you as a homeschool family. | #homeschool #unexpectedhomeschooling #homeschoolresources #discountsforhomeschoolers

Unexpected Homeschooling:

Many families are facing financial difficulties. Other families are being moved to work at home, and everyone in America is homeschooling! Our schedules are out of sorts, extracurricular activities are postponed and we can’t even meet together for weekly worship. People are watching the news and the endless updates and sometimes it feels overwhelming. We understand and feel that everyone needs to be encouraged.

Our podcast hosts have been busy creating some amazing resources for those suddenly thrown into homeschooling. They are offering lots of freebies and coupon codes, as well as tons of encouragement, especially with homeschool conferences being canceled. Check out this great list from our Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network Show Hosts and please share it with your friends who have found themselves unexpectedly homeschooling.

Encouragement and FREE Resources from The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and Media Angels:

Media Angels Membership Website: two great discounts!

Felice Gerwitz has over 100+ resources on this membership website. Highlights are all of the Media Angels Publications in electronic format, including five books noted in Cathy Duffy’s 100 and 101 Top Homeschool Picks. Felice is the owner of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and hosts Vintage Homeschool Moms – and created a podcast to remind us to “Be Not Afraid,” here.

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Making Biblical Family Life Practical:

Hosted by Hal and Melanie Young from Raising Real Men – when you sign up for their email list through this link:  Make Getting Stuck at Home a Good Thing – you will receive 5 great practical workshops to help during the time at home, 50% off downloadable character-building audiobooks and 30% off the CD version, plus $10 off the Craftsman Crate, a perfect way to keep teens busy!

The Homeschool Highschool Podcast:

Hosted by 7 Sisters Homeschool has lots of encouragement for you:

How to manage *Temporary Homeschooling* a high schooler.

Schools Closed? How to have fun while schooling at home.

43 Things to Do to Homeschool during the Pandemic

The Homeschool Sanity Show:

Hosted by Melanie Wilson our resident psychologist, has a timely podcast on the state we are in right now:

How to Trust God With the World

Melanie is also the author of  Grammar Galaxy, a complete elementary language arts curriculum that kids beg to do. It requires one text per family and one Mission Manual (workbook) per student. No teacher manual is required. She is offering 10% off now.

Homeopathy for Mommies:

Sue Meyer, ND, CCH  has free homeopathy printables in her VIP section to help keep families healthy. You can sign up for those free resources HERE.

The Family Renewal Podcast:

Israel and Brook Wayne are offering a free download of The History of the Homeschooling Movement.

More Media Angels Resources:

Media Angels is offering the How to Homeschool Blueprint . Each week you can join live for free with Felice and her friends who are experts in the homeschool community. Now is the time for you to ask your questions within the group. This is perfect to address your specific home and parenting needs. We will welcome everyone with open arms during our one-hour sessions each week (4 weeks) for a short teaching plus time to ask your questions. You will also receive the How to Homeschool Blueprint book when you register.

Homeschool Webinar | Ask Your Questions Online.


Finish Well Radio:

Meredith Curtis has an encouraging blog post for homeschooling:

Start Your Homeschool Adventure with Confidence and Joy

They also have a free cheat sheet for homeschoolers and free reading list for Middle School and High school on their website Powerline Productions.

Homeschooling With Technology

Hosted by Meryl van der Merwe from Funda Funda Academy. Right now they are offering:

All regularly priced teaching resources and web-based unit studies are 50% off with code COVID19 until life returns to normal.


Hosted by Felice and Northwest Rock and Fossil. They are offering 15% off all kits and books (excluding seconds) using code SPRING2020 at checkout.
They have also continued their sale on their Vimeo classes, up to 70% off HERE.


Soft Skills 101 – Life Skills For A Digital Age:

Lisa and Dr. David Nehring are the hosts from True North Homeschool Academy. They have an encouraging blog post for this time:

Coping During a Crisis

They are also offering a 4 day workshop on Life Skills: Finding Balance for only $19 (starts on Tuesday)- it’s part of their year long class on Life Skills, beginning in the fall.


More FREE Resources from our Network:

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