Spanish for Homeschool High School, Interview with Karim Morato

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Spanish for Homeschool High School, Interview with Karim Morato.

Spanish for Homeschool High School, Interview with Karim Morato. Teaching your teens Spanish if you aren't an expert is easier with Karim's help!

Spanish for Homeschool High School, Interview with Karim Morato

Teaching your teens Spanish can be an intimidating adventure. Ever felt intimidated by world languages? Karim Morato joins Vicki to help you out! Karim is not only a native Spanish speaker, but an expert educator in teaching Spanish. Karim has a website with amazing, online Spanish courses from homeschooling elementary through high school.

Karim (born in Guatemala) had just finished her education degree with, as a newlywed, her Bolivian-born husband asked if they could homeschool when they had children. He remembered the missionaries he grew up with had homeschooled their children and he wanted to keep it up. They both agreed that they would like to raise their family to be bilingual, and that homeschooling would facilitate that.

Karim and her husband went to their first homeschool convention five years before their children were born. They now have three children. (Her oldest graduated homeschool high school this spring!) They found homeschooling SO appealing!

First off, Vicki wanted to know some of the advantages for her children of being raised bilingual speakers. Karim explains:

  • Karim’s oldest, love science and math, but her college resume highlight is her bilingual abilities and her understanding of several cultures.
  • All the kids are comfortable when the family goes back Guatemala or Bolivia to visit family because they can comfortably communicate with their relatives.
  • It has made the world so much bigger to them. They have more experiences than other children when they can speak and think in two languages.

Karim started her website Spanish Homeschool Curriculum to help her homeschool friends who had no clue how to teach Spanish to their children. She knew that many parents would like to start as early as elementary school to give their children a taste of bilingual speaking. She also knew that homeschool high schoolers need world languages on their transcripts.

Her key to teaching Spanish to all ages is that her courses deeply connect the language to the culture. This brings an emotional connection to the language study. That is important because Spanish is an emotional language! Culture is key.

Teens are excited to learn Spanish when they know the "WHY"!

The next important part of teaching Spanish for homeschool high school is helping teens understand the “WHY” of learning the language:

  • Spanish helps teens with career opportunities and advancement
  • Spanish helps teens in international travel (or even in travel to certain parts of the United States)
  • Spanish helps teens have a good transcript
  • Spanish helps teens have a practical chance a becoming bilingual

Karim started her website to help students gain Spanish skills with online, self-paced courses. Parents are still in charge (they have not lost control of their teen’s education) but they have the joy of having an expert do the heavy lifting. Parents help teens set goals and keep their pace: they become resource manager for their teens. Karim teaches and handles the expertise (and the grading!).

After clarifying the students’ “Why”, Karim works on motivation for the homeschool high school Spanish learners. They talk about mindset for success.

Then Karim leads the teens on the journey of learning Spanish online. Homeschool high schoolers learn:

  • Vocabulary and Grammar in context of “why” and motivation
  • Cultural Study
  • Putting the language together in writing and speaking in an interactive process that teaches the brain to think in Spanish (Karim has found that even students with some learning difficulties can succeed in this format.)

Students have tests and assignments in each module. They have the ability to retake tests so that they can develop mastery.

Karim says that Spanish is a language that keeps building. There are several levels in her course and each course includes review so that they do not loose skills. At the same time, she is moving her homeschool high schoolers from parroting information to speaking, describing, emoting and thinking in Spanish.

Karim emphasizes that teens learn to speak Spanish well by starting imperfectly and improving over time. It is okay to make mistakes.

You can find Karim’s courses at:

Join Vicki and Karim for help in teaching Spanish for homeschool high school!


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Spanish for Homeschool High School, Interview with Karim Morato

How to use Quizlet to learn foreign language vocabulary with Suzette Laporte-Ayo

How to Use Quizlet

Episode 25: How to use Quizlet to learn foreign language vocabulary with Suzette Laporte-Ayo

Quizlet is a free online resource and app that has quizzes and games for many different subjects. In this podcast, Suzette Laporte-Ayo, Spanish teacher at FundaFunda Academy, explains her unique way of using Quizlet for Spanish vocabulary study. Her method will work for most foreign languages.

There are many lists of vocabulary words on Quizlet. Choose one and spend 2 weeks working on it as follows:

First week of learning new vocabulary

1. Go to the “Flashcards” tab and listen to the words being pronounced and repeat them aloud.

2. Go to the “Match” game and try to get the fastest time you can.

3. Go to the “Spell” game and try to get a 90% or better.

Second week of learning new vocabulary

1. Go through the Flashcards again and say the word in Spanish BEFORE you flip the card then listen to the correct word.

2. Go to the “Write” tab and type the word for the picture that appears. If your child is not old enough to type, a parent can type it for them. After typing the word in Spanish, check to see if you got it right then say it out loud and then click on the speaker to listen to the word again.

3. Go to the “Test” tab. Again, if a child isn’t writing yet, a parent can type it for them. You can go to the left-hand side and find the “options” tab. Click it to choose to answer in Spanish, prompted in English, and the max amount of questions possible. Try to get 90% or more.

4. For 2nd grade and up, go to the “Gravity” tab. This game might be a little difficult. You need to type the word in Spanish before the asteroid disappears. Start out on the easy level. If you get good at it you can increase your difficulty level.

Creating your own vocabulary list in Quizlet

What if the curriculum you are using or class you are taking has a specific list of words that need to be learned? Create your own list! Quizlet will add in the foreign language translation and pronunciation and create all the games!

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How to Use Quizlet