Teaching Good Sportsmanship

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Good Sportsmanship | Our goal for student-athletes is to do well in class and in sports, but what about teaching good sportsmanship? In today's episode, Felice Gerwitz interviews Andrew Layton podcaster at Big Dreams Podcast. | #podcast #sports #sportsmanshipTeaching Good Sportsmanship Episode 364 with Special Guest Andrew Layton

Our goal for student-athletes is to do well in class and in sports, but what about teaching good sportsmanship? In today’s episode, Felice Gerwitz interviews Andrew Layton, podcaster at BigDreamsPodcast.com

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For many years Andrew played sports, first in school, college and then professionally. Andrew took a wrong turn and uses that experience to help kids, but especially at-risk kids. Andrew is currently the head coach at a prestigious prep-school in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Five Qualities of Good Sportsmanship

Andrew talks about five things:

  1. Family
  2. Dedication
  3. Accountability
  4. Working Hard
  5. Having Fun

Coach Layton emphasizes family. He says kids are a product of their families, school and then team. He goes on to explain that sports help you grow as an individual and that dedication is giving 110%. He said school is the most important because sports is on a volunteer basis. Kids are not getting paid to play, they volunteer.

Good sportsmanship focuses on accountability as well. Kids are accountable to do their part, and each member does their part, even the coach. Working hard is part of what is expected by any good coach of their players. When pushed to the threshold a student-athlete may feel like quitting. Yet once you get through it that is where the fun starts!

Kids practice and practice and then it comes naturally in a game, and that is the success of all that work, a good job done.

Good sportsmanship begins on the field but is carried on into life~and with great coaches like Andrew who are supportive of the kids, it is a win-win!


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