Strategic School Start

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Strategic Homeschol Start

It happens every year. Summer draws to a close and plans are made for the start of a new school year.  Teachers, young and old, experienced and first timers, get a great sense of anticipation about the prospects the new year holds.

In this episode, Jan Bedell, the Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach, will help you to see what is really important in your homeschool.  She will share how to stay on track with your purpose and vision and not get blindsided by an enemy that wants you to get frustrated and give up.

This week, you will hear how to ease into the year without shocking everyone.  When you start slow and build momentum it works better than trying to sprint from day one after being off for the summer break. Regardless of the age of the student, small adjustments can be made as you build to full use of curriculum for all ages instead of trying to get it all accomplished in the first week and coming away from the experience defeated or discouraged.  You know what they say about the best laid plans.  They most often go astray.

Also included this week will be specific tips for children that might be struggling with reading, math or math facts. Of course, alongside these, suggestions about how to use the key components of The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to help all those little brains function better will be included. Whether you have children who are gifted, typically developing, or challenged with learning labels and struggles, there is something here for you.  As a bonus, if you are a mom that tends to be a perfectionistic or compare your home school program or results to other home schoolers there are life-changing recommendations for you.

Don’t miss the handout attached here with key references from the podcast and links to pertinent resources and discounts.