State Reimbursement for 7Sisters Curriculum

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: State Reimbursement for 7Sisters Curriculum.

State Reimbursement for 7Sisters Curriculum

State Reimbursement for 7Sisters Curriculum

This week Sabrina explains how 7SistersHomeschool curriculum will work for state reimbursement. Now, do not get too excited! Not all states offer any reimbursement programs for curriculum!

However, some states DO offer at least partial reimbursement for curriculum purchases. Every state’s laws are different. Often states that offer reimbursement programs have very specific rules on how to go about being reimbursed. SO, if you are not sure what your state’s rules are, check your local homeschool organization or Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

If you DO live in a state that gives your a tax credit or reimbursement, then this episode is for you!

Is the curriculum from 7SistersHomeschool acceptable for reimbursement programs?

Until recently, we would have said, “maybe not”. That is because, each of us 7Sisters are of the Christian faith. We are each from different denominations but our overall worldview is shaped by our faith. Thus, it is often explicitly mentioned in our textbooks. (However, we are never pushy, judgmental or preachy with our messaging…just to be clear.)

In recent years, we have had consistent and increasing numbers of homeschooling parents who live in states that reimburse. They want to be good stewards of the family finances, which means it makes sense to avail themselves of the reimbursement programs. However, most states that give tax credits or have reimbursement programs require that curriculum NOT be used for “religious instruction”.

Often the term, “religious instruction” means that in the textbook there is mention of religion or is intended as religious instruction (or could be construed as such).

So HOW did 7Sisters handle this dilemma?

We want to help our 7th Sisters and their families. (BTW- there are six of us 7Sisters: Sabrina, Marilyn, Kym, Vicki, Allison and Sara. SO, who is the 7th Sister? YOU are!)

How could we help our homeschooling friends in states that reimburse use 7Sisters texts and still qualify for reimbursement? First, we thought and prayed and came up with a unique solution. Then we evaluated each:

  • Textbook
  • Literature Study Guide
  • Cinema Study Guide
  • Writing Guide

First, we searched through each text and guide and found the curricula that we could create a state-approvable version that does not damage the integrity of the material. Then we removed material in these curricula that was gave the appearance that we were giving (or attempting to give) religious instruction, teach the Bible or Christian ways of living or model preachiness of any kind.

However, if you download a piece of curriculum that you do not feel will not meet your state’s guidelines, pay attention to your gut! It was our intention to present curriculum that did not include any semblance of religious instruction. When we evaluated the adapted texts and guides, we feel we did well with this. But if your gut says you do not think it will work in your state, contact us and ask for a refund. As you probably know, 7SistersHomeschool is proud of our:

10-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee on all 7Sisters EBook curriculum!

SO you do not have any risk when you purchase our curriculum! Just scroll down in the 7Sisters bookstore to the category: Curriculum Acceptable for State Reimbursement. There you will find the titles that have been adjusted to be free from religious instruction.

Please note: Some 7Sisters curriculum could not be adapted to be free from religious instruction!

Some of our textbooks and guides simply could not be adapted to be reimbursable. Take for instance:

However, some textbooks and guides could be adapted to be free from religious instruction while maintaining the integrity of the material

If there is a character in a study guide who is a person of faith (such as the priest in Les Miserables), we ask questions that work on literature analysis. Thus, we do not ask religiously-oriented questions.

Some titles that have been adapted to be acceptable for state reimbursement for 7Sisters curriculum include:

PLUS, many:

  • Cinema Studies for Literature Learning Guides
  • Literature Study Guides
  • Shakespeare Study Guides
  • Writing Guides (Short Stories, Essays, Poetry, Creative Chronicling, College Essays)

Not only that but ALL four Complete Bundles (Literature, Writing, Vocabulary, etc) have been adapted to be acceptable for state reimbursement, such as:

One Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 9th grade)

Look for the RED STICKER on the cover of textbooks and guides OR simply scroll through the bookstore to the category: Curriculum Acceptable for State Reimbursement.

Join Sabrina for encouragement for choosing reimbursable curriculum AND if you need more information on choosing curriculum, check out this Homeschool Highschool Podcast episode.


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