Simple Shortcuts to a Stress-Free Christmas

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Simple Shortcuts to a Stress-Free Christmas

In “Simple Shortcuts to a Stress-Free Christmas,” episode #200, Meredith Curtis reminds you that there are easier ways to do the festive Christmas traditions that make lifetime memories. From trimming the tree, decorating the gingerbread house, crafting, hospitality, cooking, and baking – there’s always an easier, quicker, less stressful way! Enjoy Christmas more this year. Hey! You might even have time to relax and focus on the reason for the season.

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Show Notes

Moms want to create a picture-perfect Christmas to give their families the best and make lifetime memories. Yet, the stress of it all mars the experience. Join me in learning the easier way to do those wonderful Christmasy things.

Gingerbread house

Buy an already put together gingerbread house or create a Christmas tree forest with sugar cones, frosting, and candy.

Trimming the Tree

Each family member gets a handful of ornaments and a section of the tree.

Christmas Cut-Out Cookies

Instead of making your own dough and cutting out shapes, purchase gingerbread or sugar cookies and let kids decorate with frosting and sprinkles.

Dinner Devotions

When it seems impossible to get the family together for Christmas devotions, try this. Read a short passage before dinner and sing 1 carol. Then have someone say the blessing.

Keep Crafting Simple

Look for crafts for young children – they are always easy and older kids add their own pizzazz.  Or sign kids up for a workshop at 4H or a nearby fabric or hobby store.

  • Tube of material, bead, marble, bead, marble
  • Aluminum star
  • Clear plastic ornaments to fill
  • Potpourri Hoops
  • Wreaths

Save Money By Drawing Names

Christmas gifts for extended family can get costly. Cut costs by drawing names and giving a price cap for the gifts.

Finding Family Time

Choose an evening (like Mon or Tues) and have a list of ideas (drive to see lights, watch a Christmas movie, visit a Live Nativity Scene) and take turns choosing.

Make Cleaning & Cooking a Family Project

Keep it fun and work together. Tips!

Combine Christmas & Homeschooling

Christmas unit studies let you prepare for Christmas while you learn.

Freeze Holiday Dishes & Desserts

Cook and bake food ahead of time and freeze.

One Dough – Many Cookies

Make up your favorite chocolate chip recipe x 10 (I use Toll House) but leave out the chocolate chips. Freeze the dough in batches. Take out a batch and add your favorite things: white chocolate chips and peppermint, butterscotch chips and sprinkle the top with cinnamon, chocolate chips, raisins and nuts, etc.

Let Guests Cook Too

Ask guests to bring a dish to share.

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