Fanschool: a platform for student blogging

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Fanschool: A platform for student blogging

196: Fanschool: a platform for student blogging with Eric Nelson

I last spoke to Eric Nelson about Fanschool back in episode 47 about their games where students get to draft a ‘team’ and track how well they do which is based on how often they are mentioned in the media.

show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy, uses these games in their online Government class class and their online World Geography class. In these classes, students play against their classmates to earn bragging rights and Extra Credit.

Fanschool has now expanded their games to include animals, business and elements of the periodic table – as well as countries and members of congress. These are the ‘players’ that are drafted onto the teams.

But now Fanschool has expanded to include a student blogging/publishing platform where students can share what they are passionate about. Listen to this episode to learn all about it.

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Fanschool: A platform for student blogging