Discover & Develop Your Child’s Talent

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Discover and Develop Your Child's Talent. Homeschool Sanity Show podcast with Jonathan Harris of 10ktotalent.comJonathan HarrisMy interview with Jonathan Harris of 10k to Talent completely changed the way I view talent education. I had the stereotypical view that I needed to start training my child by age 3 and then make sure that they devoted hours a day to practicing to develop a talent. Fortunately, that isn’t what talent education is, because I haven’t done that!

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • A whole new way of thinking about talent
  • Why you shouldn’t worry that your child’s talent is video games
  • What to consider if your child has a musical talent
  • How to keep your child’s talent from dying in high school
  • How to structure your homeschooling around your child’s talent (hint: maybe he’s done enough history and literature!)

I highly recommend Jonathan’s ebook, How to Discover and Develop Your Child’s First 100 Hours of Talent. I’d love for you to read about how I’ve been using it to discover my 14-year-old’s talent. I also share my enthusiasm for his Blog to Your Talent ecourse.

Jonathan discussed Lindsey Sterling on YouTube.

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