Boy-Friendly Homeschooling – MBFLP 179

We had six boys, one after another, and thought our family’s sort of crazy was just normal life. Then people who had girls first started asking, “How in the world do you manage to homeschool all those boys?” The fact is, they are very different from their sisters – and from the moms who teach them both. This episode, we look at some basic principles we’ve learned about creating a homeschool that works with boys as they are rather than struggling to fit them into a less boyish mold.

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Homeschooling is a great option for families with sons because frankly, institutional classrooms are not very friendly to normal, active, distractible young boys. On the other hand, the same traits which make it hard to teach boys in a schoolroom setting can make it challenging at home, too! This week we talk about how boys learn differently, and how you can work with their particular style to make education both effective and enjoyable — for them and for their teacher!