An Author Teaches Her Kids to Write

An author Teaches Her Kids to Write | a WriteShop Review by Felice Gerwitz

An author Teaches Her Kids to Write | a WriteShop Review by Felice Gerwitz

History tends to repeat itself and sometimes in very good ways! When I homeschooled my young children I found they were prolific writers if it was topic that they enjoyed. For example, my kids wrote stories about finding pets and keeping them. In fact, the children in their carefully- crafted stories had the most amazing mother in the world! Why? Because she allowed them to keep each and every pet they randomly found in the yard, and she welcomed them with open arms. This was the antithesis of their “real” mom!

Now was the time to work on their nonfiction abilities.

All of my children have struggled in this regard. They enjoy making up stories, rather than researching and writing a factual account, so I came up with a purpose, a family newsletter. This was a combination of factual writing, as well as poetry and interviews. Thus, the “Cousin’s Newsletter” was born. There were cousin contributors: Katie from Texas, Marie and George from Tennessee, Kathleen from Virginia, and Christina and Neal from Florida. Four of the children were homeschoolers and two were not  so there was a nice mix of school and home types of articles. This was in the ‘90s when computers were just becoming household words and there were still lots of copying and pasting manually to get pretty borders and print out copies that were then mailed to all the family members. It was quite a project so we strove to complete two Cousin Newsletters per year.

Still fiction was a favorite and years later my daughter Christina and I went on to write three novels together.

I felt that Christina was one of those people with a story in her blood! Fast forward to the future and now Christina is homeschooling her little ones. She balked at the idea of using any writing program with her little ones, but then was presented with an opportunity to review Writeshop’s primary curriculum; here is what she had to say:


“I recently had the opportunity to use WriteShop Primary (Book A) written by Nancy I. Sanders with my first and second graders. I love the well-written writing program that was well organized and effectively incorporated many of the foundational writing concepts that I wanted them to become proficient in utilizing while still in their formative years. My girls especially enjoyed the layout and presentation of the activity worksheets, while I appreciated that they were learning the basics of writing in a fun and relaxed setting.

Imagination is something my children are not lacking, however, before using this program, their stories or papers often lacked structure and flow.

This book offered a brainstorming section in which they organized their thoughts and even an editing and revising section, which allowed them to analyze their own writing with my guidance. Each activity set was well presented and organized, which allowed me to easily grasp what was going to be covered each day. Overall, both my children and I enjoyed using this program and look forward to continuing with it throughout the school year.”

Catch our reluctant writers episode with Kim Kautzer, the contributor and executive editor of Writeshop Primary. You’ll enjoy hearing how to identify reluctant writers, as well as gain practical tools and tips from Kim.

Do your children have writing struggles? Or do you have great advice for us on ways you encourage your children to write? I’d love to hear from you.

Vintage HS Moms – Help! My Child Wants to Write

kids want to write

Help My Kids Want To Write!

Kids & Writing with Felice Gerwitz

Have you said, “Help my kids want to write?” It happened to me when my daughter was twelve. She watched me, her mom start not one, two or three books, but I had published about six by the time she caught the author bug.

After setting the example and becoming a published author, my daughter said, “Mom — I know I’m a kid but I want to write and get published, too!” Okay! Let’s get right on that.

Kids Want To Write?

Well, as it turned out I did – and Christina and I published a series of novels she and I co-authored. In this episode, I discuss how we wrote the book, the ideas (brainstorming) and the eight pages of only dialogue. Eek! Who was I going to blame, her teacher?

Points we will cover in this podcast:

  • Give your children tools to succeed.
  • Resources
  • Additional tools to help children with the task encouraging success writers

Parents getting overwhelmed by grammatical errors, spelling, etc. What defines success — this is covered in this podcast.

  • Have they accomplished writing a book? Or a short story?
  • What makes a best seller? It is subjective
  • Do you have to sell a specific number of books to be successful?

Writing the novels is the most fun we’ve had together. It not only created wonderful memories but it helped Christina to hone her writing skills. Christina and I wrote the Truth Seeker’s Mystery Series. The books in the series are

Whether you have one child or multiple children who want to write, you can use

Connect with me if you have any questions! Felice Gerwitz and Christina (Gerwitz) Moss wrote and published the Truth Seekers Mystery Series. Visit the website for special offers! You can get all the novels and studies guides in digital format on the Media Angels Membership website — check it out!

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