Techie Gifts for Your Children

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Techie Gifs for your children

209: Techie Gifts for Your Children

Here is a list of techie gifts for your children you can use as inspiration this Christmas.

  • 3d pen – Listen to a previous episode (199) on 3D printing and visit the 3D printing tab here
  • headphones
  • Kindle / tablet / Gabb watch (listen to our recent episode), drawing tablet
  • Video games – Human Resources Game, Game Builder Garage
  • 30 days lost in space
  • Kits – robots, electricity etc
  • Coding board games
  • Creative software – Adobe, Canva etc
  • Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunts
  • Phone accessories like tripods, external battery
  • Classes to teach tech skills – see show sponsor FundaFunda Academy’s options and special offer below

You can find specific items for some of these suggestions at Stem Gifts Under 50 Dollars

Show sponsor FundaFunda’s programming classes – you can get $15 off any of them with code HWT15 until Dec 31, 2022: 5-week Beginner Scratch or Python or Full semester Scratch or Python classes

Take a look at show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy to see what they offer for online classes and web-based unit studies.

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Techie Gifs for your children