HSHSP Ep 187: Lessons from a Homeschooler, Interview with Noah Tetzner

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This week on HSHSP Ep 187: Lessons from a Homeschooler, Interview with Noah Tetzner.

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HSHSP Ep 187: Lessons from a Homeschooler, Interview with Noah Tetzner

Vicki is excited to interview our friend (and one of our podcast editors), Noah Tetzner of History of Vikings Podcast and Lessons from a Homeschooler Podcast.

Noah is a recent homeschool graduate and is already busy in a career, not only as a podcaster but as a podcast editor. He learned to podcast while homeschooling high school and is thankful for homeschooling because it has allowed him time to invest in his interests.

Noah Tetzner, The History of Vikings Podcast

photo used with permisson

Noah’s first podcast, The History of Vikings, was started over a year ago because he wanted to explore his interest in Vikings. His early episodes concentrated on narratives but he wanted more expertise, so he decided to interview experts on the podcast! Check out this Homeschool Highschool Podcast interview with Noah.

This homeschool high schooler had the courage to contact internationally-recognized Viking scholars. This is what he did:

  • He checked university websites,
  • He emailed professors who are experts in the field and explained to them the mission of The History of Vikings Podcast
  • He asked them for an interview
  • Many said “Yes!”
  • He has interviewed scholars from:
    • Cambridge
    • Oxford
    • Yale
    • Other European universities

(You really need to check out The History of Vikings Podcast. Your homeschool high schoolers can log history hours learning about the Viking Age.)

One of the perks of hosting a podcast about Vikings was the invitation he (and his dad) received to travel to York, United Kingdom (expenses paid). A Viking museum was hosting its annual Yorvic Viking Festival. The museum is built on top of Coppertop Dig, an excavation of thousands of Viking artifacts. That excavation was led by Dr. Peter Addyman, who Noah was able to meet, have lunch and be given a three-hour private tour of Viking York.

Noah has started a new podcast now: Lessons from a Homeschooler.

It is an interview podcast that explores the interests of homeschool students, parents and families. In each episode he interviews a homeschool expert or influencer, such as Dr. Christopher Perrin of Classical Academic Press, Andrew Pedua of IEW, Steve Demme of Math-U-See and others.

Noah started the new podcast because he loved his homeschooling experiences and wanted to continue to invest back in the homeschool community, so that other homeschoolers can be blessed.

Lessons from Homeschooler: Noah’s Advice to Homeschool High Schoolers on How to Start a Podcast

Noah and the 7Sisters have found that podcasting is not difficult! Here is how to start:

  • Watch how-to’s: YouTube tutorals are available so start there (as well as inexpensive courses that can be purchased)
  • Get some kind of microphone that attaches to computer Heil PR 40 that connects to an audio mixer that connects to his computer. (Vicki, Sabrina and Kym use a Yeti.)
  • Choose recording software (Noah and Vicki both use Zencastr). Zencastr’s software is located on its website, Zencastr.com. When you are registered as a Zencastr user, all you need to record an episode is to click a link to open a *new episode* dashboard, hit the *invite* button if you have an interview guest, then hit *record*. Zencastr does the recording for you and downloads the episode (onto your computer or Dropbox).
  • Noah reminds homeschool high schoolers that podcasting is not difficult!

Lessons from a Homeschooler: Earning a Career Exploration credit in Podcasting

Your homeschool high schooler can earn a Career Exploration (elective) credit in Podcasting, simply by logging hours that they spend until they reach a Carnegie unit educational credit (or partial credit). In most states, a full credit is 120-180 hours, half credit is 60-90 hours, quarter credit is 30-45 hours. For more information, check out this post. Log hours in:

  • Learning how to record podcasts
  • Learning how to edit podcasts
  • Learning how to acquire their tools of the trade
  • Recording and editing podcasts

Lessons from a Homeschooler: Advice for homeschool high schoolers from Noah

Noah shares this advice that he has learned as a recent homeschool graduate:

  • Being a high schooler is not easy, but because you are homeschooling, you have so many opportunity to break the mold that society places on teens. You have the opportunity to explore your own interests and abilities while still in high school.
  • You also have opportunities to break the mold of what is expected of teens upon graduation:
    • You may go to college, or may choose to do other fruitful occupations
    • You may work on starting businesses
    • You may be working towards a career while still in high school
  • Homeschooling high school gives you *time freedom*.
  • Enjoy your family. Homeschoolers have the blessing of time with families. Noah feels that God handpicked each family’s family members. Each family is unique and Noah believes that investing time in truly knowing your family and experiencing their support is an important part of homeschooling high school. Noah reminds homeschool high schoolers to cherish this time with their families.
  • Do not get so worked up about the future. Noah says it is easy for him to slip into worrying about what needs to happen two or three years from now, but he is learning that God will take care of that when the time comes. Noah is about to start as a podcast producer for a big homeschool organization. They are keen to grow their network with his skills. Noah reminds us that college is not necessary and his case, college is not necessary for his.
  • Realize the blessings that you have. (For a practical way to do this, check out this post from Vicki’s coaching website: How to Create a Gratitude Journal).
  • Try different things.
  • Cherish the things that matter.

Check out Noah’s podcasts!

Lessons from a Homeschooler Podcast

Every episode includes conversations with someone in the homeschooling world about topics of interests to homeschoolers. Some episodes have included discussions on:

History of Vikings

Every interview with a noted scholar on this interesting historical podcast focuses on some topic related to the Viking Age. Episodes have included:

  • Icelandic poetry (the type that inspired Tolkien’s poems in The Lord of the Rings series)
  • Daily Life
  • Famous Battles

Join Vicki and Noah Tetzner for an inspirational discussion on Lessons from a Homeschooler!


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HSHSP Ep 187: Lessons from a Homeschooler, Interview with Noah Tetzner