Why Run For President

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Why Run For President - How to Teach American History

Why do men run for the thankless job of being president of the USA? Listen to the episode to learn more as well as other topics such as funding for the Louisiana Senate race, the candidates in the running, Obama’s 10-point amnesty blueprint (which many say is Unconstitutional) as well as the Republican reaction and more!

Here are a few links Professor Wilson would like you to view:

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Fox News – Representative Goodlatte on Fallout over Immigration Action

Show Notes:

Some topics were touched upon and others more deeply discussed. Listen to this show for all the details.

Pope Prays in Mosque in Istanbul


Outside groups pour money into Louisiana’s Senate runoff

Louisiana Republican Senate candidate Bill Cassidy holds a double-digit lead
Conservative groups are taking no chances and have poured a half-million dollars into the race during its home stretch. Conservative groups have spent $565,000 on issue ads in the last week
Liberal groups have spent $168,000 over the same period, less than a third of their counterparts’ expenditures. Republicans are assured 53 seats in the upcoming Senate even if Landrieu manages an upset.
Landrieu’s loss would leave Florida Sen. Bill Nelson as the last remaining senator from the Deep South.
Why Run for President?  (For president, six reasons, plus my four)

1.      To Change the country’s direction
2.      To make history
3.      To make a point
4.      To boost their brand
5.      Because it’s the family business
6.      Because lightning sometime strikes
7.       Ego, sense of power
8.       They are persuaded by peers and party
9.       They believe deeply that they can make a difference
10.   They are super patriotic

Democrat Candidates:
·     Vice President Joe Biden (Delaware)
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (New York) (Far Left seeking alternative)

    • ·     Elizabeth Warren, Senator Massachusetts
      ·     US Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia)
      ·     US Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent-Vermont)
      ·     Governor Martin O’Malley (Maryland)
      ·     US Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent-Vermont) Exploratory committee

Republican Candidates (list is most likely/prominent of 24!):

  • Marco Rubio – Senator Florida
  • Rand Paul – Senator Kentucky
  • Chris Christie  – Governor New Jersey
  • Ted Cruz  – Senator Texas
  • Jeb Bush  – Former Governor Florida
  • Ben Carson – Neurosurgeon
  • Mitt Romney  – Former Governor Massachusetts
  • Mike Huckabee – Former Governor Arkansas
  • Paul Ryan – Representative
  • Bobby Jindal – Wisconsin (VP candidate w/Romney 2012)
  • Rick Perry – Governor Texas
  • Rick Santorum – Former Senator Pennsylvania
  • Nikki Haley – Governor South Carolina
  • Scott Walker – Governor Wisconsin
  • President Obama’s approval suffers in new poll –
    Now at 39% – Reaction to Amnesty plan?

Obama’s 10-point Amnesty Plan

But we could only find seven – just seems like more of the same for this administration – if anyone knows of the other three – let us know!

  1. “Deferred action” amnesty for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children – extends same provisions for parents of U.S. citizens and “legal permanent residents.” – 5 million
  2. Expand the number of young people allowed to remain in the U.S. to about 300,000
  3. Many of these illegal immigrants will become eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits once they reach retirement age.
  4. Increased border security
  5. Higher pay for immigration officers,
  6. Getting rid of the “Secure Communities” program – Secure Communities is an American deportation program that relies on partnership among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – focuses resources on identifying and removing the most serious criminal offenders first and foremost.
  7. Changing the “removal priorities” to target serious criminals for deportation.

Republican Reactions:

Congress can withhold funding
Congress can take legal action
Congress can hold series of public hearings
Texas and Oklahoma to file lawsuits