How to Have Those BIG Talks with Your Kids with Christy Montes

How to Have those BIG Talks with Your KidsChristy Montes is back to chat about those BIG talks.

Christy and I have had many talks with all of our kids over the years and thought you guys might benefit from hearing from us on this topic. We have done some things well, but we have messed up plenty. If you want to have a relationship that promotes open communication, start early and talk often. Some other things we suggested were:

1. Make time for each child.
2. Stay in the moment, that means put away your phone.
3. Don’t be fearful about the BIG talks.
4. Take advantage of car rides, it is a great place to talk.

This picture is of sweet Christy and her husband at a recent history night. I wonder if they had any talks in that car. 😉

5. You will make a mistake, which is why GRACE exists.
6. You will feel like your drowning in toddlerhood, know that your investment pays off later.
7. You are not meant to be friends with your young children, but if you do not invest in them when they are young, you will not be friends as adults.
8. Find a friend you trust and encourage each other through this mothering gig.


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MBFLP – Talking To Your Kids About Sex

Talking to your kids about sexTalking To Your Kids About Sex

Talking to your kids about sex – you know, “The sex talk!” is something we all try to avoid.  It’s a difficult thing for most parents – gathering the courage to have “The Talk” with our children. In this podcast, we discuss the best ways to talk to your children. Don’t wait until it is too late, be there for your children and be encouraged.

Sex Talk–Why Talking To Your Kids About Sex is Important:

Talking to your kids about fixing their beds, clearing off the dishes, or doing their school work is much preferable than talking to your kid about sex! We try to avoid it at all costs.

Here are some of the common concerns:

  1. Why can’t we just wait until they’re more grown up?
  2. Can’t we shield them from the sexualized culture so they can stay innocent until they’re adults?
  3. How in the world do we even start the conversation?

This episode, Hal talks with Luke Gilkerson, the Educational Resource Director for Covenant Eyes, a ministry dedicated to teaching and protecting a Biblical view of sex, purity, and personal integrity. You won’t want to miss this one!

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