Vintage HS Moms: Time + Child = Passion

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Time_To_DiscoverLet’s Talk About Giving Your Kids Time to Discover Their Passion!

with your host Felice Gerwitz Podcast #48

Years ago I discovered an amazing thing – if you give your kids time, they will either A: get in trouble B: create trouble for others or C: discover their passion. In this audio I explain ways to encourage your children to find constructive ways to spend their time, and how I’ve been delighted (or appalled) by some of their concoctions! My children have discoverd passions for baking fudge, fixing small engines, photography, writing, and the latest … stop motion video using custom colored Legos(R). If you have difficulty motivating your children join me!


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Show Notes:

1. Schedule free time, begin slow … 15-25 minutes one time a week, then two times, then three or more.

2. Print out the image on the left and learn the five steps to encouraging your child to seek their passion – I am telling you, the number one reason works great. You kids will continue to explore and try new things if you are excited about their accomplishments.

3. The audio covers some of the many ways to encourage creativity, yet the goal is to allow your child to explore, create, investigate and discover their own ideas and hobbies. Beginning with a foundation will encourage children who do this on their own.

smurfs movie the lost village

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Carol Topp: Dollars & Sense Show – she encouraged me to teach my children the importance of knowing how to start and run a business, whether or not they decide to do this in the future, at least they’ve had a foundation!

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