That’s Why I’m Here | Interview with Leslie Nunnery

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Join us to chat about motherhood – childbirth and all issues with raising families large and small.

That’s Why I’m Here | Interview with Leslie Nunnery

“That’s Why I’m Here.”

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As busy moms, we wear many hats– wife, mother, housekeeper, chef, educator, taxi driver, and so much more. The demands on our time are endless. Do you ever lose sight of why you do all that you do? Do you ever find yourself feeling discontent with where God has you right now, or do you ever feel like there is no more of you to give to anyone? Let’s take a very practical and personal look at exactly why we are here. Along the way, I think we’ll see the incredible purpose and peace we all can have when we truly figure that out.

Mommy Jammies Night – Angie Tolpin

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

AngieTolphinMommyJammiesSpecial Guest Speaker — Angie Tolpin.

AngieTolpinRedeeming Childbirth & Leaving a New Legacy Together

Join the Mommy Jammies Night guest, Angie Tolpin. How do we, as homeschooling mothers, engage the childbearing years, which can be physically, spiritually, and emotionally draining, with grace and joy? What legacy are we, as the church leaving with regard to our view of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood? Since childbirth is such a controversial topic within the church, Titus 2 Mentors often struggle to know just how to encourage the next generation during this season. Let’s partner with Christ to redeem childbirth together and leave a new legacy of embracing this season in a woman’s life!

Special Guest Speaker — Angie Tolpin.

Who is this talk for: Women, husbands, wives, daughters, Titus 2 Mentors, doulas, midwives, and other women’s health care professionals who want to strengthen ministry with their clients.

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Angie recently launched a new site! You can check out her new page at @CourageousMom!


She also launched a parenting course as well which is “The 11-Day Challenge to Encourage the Courageous Mom in You,” which you can find here: More about Angie