MBFLP 113 – Dealing With A Toxic Church

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MBFLP 113 - Toxic Church - V



The Church is God’s people gathered together, but we know even God’s people have remaining sin in their lives – and sometimes, that can make a good church turn bad, or even toxic. This episode we talk with Andy and Kendra Fletcher of Homeschooling IRL about how to recognize, respond, and recover from a church which has fallen into bad doctrine, bad practice, and bad relationships!


2:28 – Sometimes toxic churches and healthy churches look the same
4:36 – Churches that lose focus on Christ and fail to minister to inquirers or immature or new believers
6:10 – Staying in a bad situation to try and reform it from the inside
8:50 – “Good” things that distract the church from its true focus
9:30 – Recognizing God’s grace in believers and churches which aren’t like us and ours
10:30 – “Gospel amnesia” happens
13:15 – When do you decide to leave, and how do you leave without being destructive?
18:34 – “Hope-shifting” and the idols Christians set up
23:00 – Abusive churches
26:45 – Healing takes time – expect it!