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College transition from high school is on the table in episode #144 that comes to you live from the Roadschool Moms team on the road. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families,  broadcasts from the a sweltering location that recorded 113 degree temperatures earlier in the day in southern Utah. Across the country, Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher chimes in from the central Missouri along Route 66. The ORT dynamic duo are joined tonight by veteran roadschooling mom, Tara Weed who recently graduated her son from high school and beamed with pride as he went off to college without a hitch!

The big transition. As homeschoolers, we face what seems like a constant bombarding of questions regarding the success of our roadschoolers pending success, or lack thereof. Do they have friends? Are they get the proper “socialization?” Do they measure up to public school kids? In an answer, we really don’t know. Shockingly, the same is true of our public school mamas. When it comes down to it, only you know what’s best for your family. Building the confidence in yourself as a roadschool mom and giving your roadschoolers the tools to build their foundation for the same is critical to the layers of education built during these years. This episode brings specific examples and loads of encouragement to help navigate the waters from roadschool to college.
Throughout the podcast, Tara speaks about her son Brennan’s recent experience, of adjusting to college life while joining the National Guard to pay for it. She reflects back on their decision to unschool their boys and the benefits that have came from that positive experience over the years. Tara admits that at one point, her son wasn’t sure college was the next step in his education; however, this roadschool mom kept the roadschool journey on a road that could easily turn in any direction.
Many recommendations come out of this positively powerhouse packed episode to recognize the value of a roadschooling lifestyle. Tara reflects on how her son prepared for the SAT (through Khan Academy.) She reveals that this online resource bridged the gap in the areas where her roadschooler needed help (specifically in math.) She further revealed that taking a few classes at a community college that aligned with their travels also helped prepare her son for the steps necessary to successfully enroll in a college of his choice. Tara advises roadschool moms to encourage their homeschooler to picture himself in the college or university where he sees himself. Wherever that is, do the research to market your roadschooler to that institution. Make that school want your roadschooler as much as she wants to be admitted there. Much of Tara’s advise is common sense; however, her genuine reflection is a breath of fresh air in this daunting subject. For more great tips on transitioning your high schoolers to college, hit the replay below to hear more including Tara’s absolute must have books Guerilla Learning and Teenage Liberation Handbook.

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Homeschool enrollment is on the rise. More and more families are moving into a home on wheels. As a result, the Roadschool Moms record this broadcast to present resources that meet the challenges of today’s roadschooler. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the creator of Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time across America’s backyard.

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