Using Trello to organize your curriculum

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Using Trello to organize your curriculum

149: Using Trello to organize your curriculum with Richie Soares

In this episode, Richie Soares from Homeschool and Humor shares tips on using Trello to organize your curriculum.

Richie explains what Trello is and how to set it up in various different ways to easily keep track of all the curriculum you are using – or may want to use in the future.

Richie is sharing the board she created with our listeners so that you can see exactly how she does it. And she has included 40 virtual field trips links and ideas as well as links/resources for worksheets and resources!


Richie also talks about other ways you can use Trello in your homeschool and some benefits of using this resource so be sure to listen in!

You can find Richie at her webiste, Homeschool and Humor. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Using Trello to Organize Your Curriculum


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