Who is Your Tribe and What is Your Scheduling Vibe?

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Who Is Your Tribe and What Is Your Scheduling Vibe? With The Real Kathy LeeOn this week’s show, I ramble… in a parking lot…in Albany, NY. Yesterday afternoon I got a call saying that one of my oldest son’s was being transferred by ambulance to a hospital forty-five minutes from his university campus. When you get that kind of call, you immediately book a flight to Albany, NY (even if you know that it is freaking freezing cold there). A short 2 ½ hours later, I was on a plane. Times like these remind you that you cannot do it alone. You can’t pick up the kids as planned. You can’t make dinner as planned. You can’t go to the appointment with your child as planned. You need your tribe. This time, my precious husband picked up most of the balls I would be dropping; he had landed from a business trip five minutes before I received that phone call.  He is part of my tribe. The other members in my tribe bombarded my phone with calls/texts offering to help with the kids, the dogs, and the business. I am blessed to have a tight tribe. They are a small group of women who have been there, no matter what. Do you have such a group? If you do, say out loud… I AM BLESSED. If you do not, find one!

Originally, I was planning to answer a couple of questions about scheduling and lack of interests in activities. I do mention both of those things on today’s show, in a rambling kind of way. Honestly, my mind was on my family today. Hopefully, you can make sense of my rambling and be encouraged on your journey of motherhood.

Guess what? I know you don’t have it together and you know that I don’t have it together. You know what else? NO ONE has it all together. Let’s rest in that and be thankful that in spite of our shortcomings, we LOVE our families fiercely and are raising up a beautiful group of future hot messes.


Have a great week!! Celebrate your TRIBE!



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