Turkey Hand Wreaths

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I love doing crafts! At one time I though I wanted to be an art major. That is before I took one art course in college (and survived, with an “A”, thank-you very much) but I realized it wasn’t for me…to do professionally anyway! So, happily I married, had children that loved to do crafts and now grandchildren so I can continue on the tradition.

One of my favorite and easy-cheap-fun craft is turkey hand wreaths. They cover all the points a good craft must contain. One it is a memory – you can date the hand prints of the kids to remember the size they were that year. Two, it is cute and easy. Three it is cheap. Four the kids love making them! Five it is cheap.

Simply you cut out hand prints and glue the construction paper on a wreath.

So, here we go – super simple and quick!


  1. Fall colors construction paper
  2. Pencil, crayon or maker
  3. Hands – Right & Left
  4. Scissors (blunt points for the little ones
  5. A wreath. [More on this below.]
  6. Hot glue gun


Take pieces of construction paper and trace the children’s right and left hands. Allow the children to cut out their hand prints. This takes some dexterity and skill so, plan on helping the little ones. Once the hands are cut out – about 15-30 for a fuller wreath, you can lay the colors out on a table and layer them to see how they look. I try to overlap different colors – or some like to keep the wreath all one color and decorate it with ribbon that is orange if you use yellow construction paper, or yellow ribbon with orange and brown hand prints.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the hand prints on the wreath. Be careful! The glue if very hot and can burn. This should be done by an adult only. Even if you use low temperature glue. Use pine cones, ribbon, acorns, or other embellishments to create a beautiful decoration.

Note: Wreath – my uncle use to craft wreaths out of grape vines. If you are crafty this is an option if you don’t want to purchase a wreath at a craft store. You may also use Styrofoam wreaths and pin the hands on the wreath instead of gluing them. Another idea is to bend a wire coat hanger (keep the hanger hook to hang the wreath) and bend the wire into a circle. Use the hands to cover the wire. You will need lots of hand prints to do an adequate job. This is my least favorite version of the craft – although I’ve done every one listed here at some point in my homeschool career!

Most of all have fun, make memories and take lots of pictures!! I’ll be updating this post soon with the grandkids creations! We are still working on it.

Have you created a wreath like this? How did it turn out?