Pros and Cons of Virtual Tutoring

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Pros and Cons of Virtual Tutoring

121: Pros and Cons of Virtual Tutoring with Lea Bosse

In this episode, guest Lea Bosse discusses the pros and cons of virtual tutoring. Lea has been doing ACT tutoring for years, and during the pandemic switched to primarily tutoring virtually. You can find her tutoring sessions on FundaFunda Academy.

These are the questions Lea answers in this episode:

1. How did you do most of your tutoring before the pandemic?
2. And since March?
3. What platform do you use? What can you do on it when you tutor?
4. What are the limitations of virtual tutoring both for you as a tutor and for the students?
5. What are the benefits of virtual tutoring?
6. What advice would you give to someone considering signing up children for virtual tutoring

Lea has written a blog post on 10 Tips to Improve Your ACT Test Score that you might find useful.


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Pros and Cons of Virtual Tutoring