Freedom and Economics

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Freedom and economics podcast with the Tuttle Twins and Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice GerwitzHow can you teach children the ideals of freedom and economics in a way they will remember? Join your host, Felice Gerwitz, and Daniel Harmon, the Creator and Showrunner of the Tuttle Twins TV Show.

Freedom and Economics ~ Episode 513

How often do you get a chance to talk to the creator of a television show? Well, today, I sat down with Daniel Harmon, a homeschooled dad of seven. Daniel is the creator and executive producer of the Tuttle Twins TV show. He is the co-founder of Harmon Brothers and Angel Studios. I’m sure many of you recognize that name. It is the studio that produces a favorite among many, The Chosen. Daniel is the father of seven and says the show for them and what he would have wanted as a kid. He claims his kids are his in-house focus group!

As a fan of the Tuttle Twins novels, I purchased several sets for family and friends; it was my pleasure to bring you this interview.

Freedom and Economics Points discussed:

Many believe economics is reserved for someone else to teach. Or it is up to the kids to learn it in higher level learning like college. Yet with the Tuttle Twins, both the book series and the TV show it is something that kids can actually understand. It is put in the context of the principles of freedom of your rights, and it’s not as complicated as it’s made out to be. They overcomplicate it in a way that does a lot of destruction to our economy, but it is not nearly as complicated as some like to make it out to be.


You start from a basis. We all have rights, rights to life, to liberty, to property. The things that are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution. Those rights are defined by economist Frederick Bastia, who wrote the book The Law. These rights are inherent, God-given rights. Kids instinctively know this is true. If they have something that they’ve worked for, you can’t go and take that away from them. That’s unfair, right? That’s their property. 

Freedom of Life:

If someone tries to hurt or kill a person, that is not fair. That’s my right to my life. You can’t take away someone’s life; this does not allow a person to have liberty, the ability to make their own decisions and to pursue their own dreams and passions and things like that. And people can’t also get in the way of that. Then, when you understand that, add economics.


A high-level principle is putting policies into place that are beneficial. The policy needs to benefit more than one group. Not only in the short term but needs to benefit all groups in the long term. And kids get that as well. The policy needs to be something that’s not just favoring a given industry or corporation or something similar; it needs to be something that really creates a fair playing field for everyone. 

Freedom, Economics, and Business:

More points discussed:

  • The TV series is based on the books that have sold over 5 million copies
  • It teaches about timeless principles of freedom and economics that are not being taught in schools or in culture
  • It’s about a Grandma who takes her twin grandkids on adventures with her time-traveling wheelchair
  • The show is free, has over 20 episodes released, and is available for FREE on the Angel Studios app (the same distributor that brought you The Chosen). Season 2 is available.
  • We have an episode on socialism that features Kevin Sorbo
  • Our mission is to reach 100 million kids with the idea of freedom
  • The show is a co-viewing experience. Kids AND parents enjoy it and learn and discuss the concepts together. It has many jokes that go right over the heads of 8-year-olds but are intended to keep parents engaged.
  • The website is