Top 10 Lessons From TV Dads, Part 2 – HIRL Episode 46

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HIRL-Episode-46Join Fletch once again as he travels back into television history and shares the second half of his top 10 lessons he has learned from the TV dads he was raised with.

In the middle of getting their home ready to sell, Fletch heads back into the studio alone for this episode (don’t worry, Kendra pops in to say hello!). As he continues on the second half of his list, Fletch finds some basic life lessons from Howard Cunningham, John Robinson, Tim Taylor, Gomez Addams, and Cliff Huxtable.

What lessons do you think Fletch will find on this list of TV dads? Tune into this episode of  Homeschooling In Real Life, To Go! and find out.


8:51 TV Dad #6 – Howard Cunningham
13:07 TV Dad#7 – John Robinson
 17:47 TV Dad #8 –  Gomez Addams
21:14 TV Dad #9 – Tim Taylor
26:30 TV Dad #10 – Cliff Huxtable

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