Should I Join a Homeschool Co-op?

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #170, Should I Join a Homeschool Co-op?, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast NetworkShould I Join a Homeschool Co-op?

In “Should I Join a Homeschool Co-op?,” Episode, #170, Meredith Curtis discusses homeschool co-ops and how they benefit homeschooling families. She explains the difference between support groups, co-ops, enrichment classes, and umbrella schools. From a wealth of experience, Meredith shows how to co-op wisely when seasons allow.



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Show Notes

Our Experience with Homeschool Co-ops

Differences Between Co-ops, Support Groups, Erichment Classes, Umbrella

Each different purpose, cost, personal responsiblity

Should I Join a Homeschool Co-op?

What season are you in?

Where do you need help?

What classes are you willing to NOT teach?

Roles in a Co-op

Cooperative – each one plays a role:

  • Administrator
  • Teachers
  • Helpers
  • Treasurer
  • Support (Nursery/Study Hall)


Co-ops might have a theme: History Day, Travel thru Time, Science Fun

Co-ops might just be enrichment

Coo-ops might cover core classes & Enrichment

Co-ops might be online

Possible Classes

Core – English, Math, Science, History, Geography

Out-of-Box Core – Who  Dun It, Travel Around the World

Life Skills/Enrichment – Bible, Homemaking, Art, Music, Labs


Do their standards match yours?

  • Faith/Beliefs
  • Behavior
  • Conversation

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HSHSP Ep 137: What Are Umbrella Schools for Homeschool High School?

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

This week on HSHSP Ep 137: What Are Umbrella Schools for Homeschool High School?

HSHSP Ep 137: What Are Umbrella Schools for Homeschool High School? Otherwise known as hybrid schools, university-model schools or charter schools. Either way they are good resources for many families.

HSHSP Ep 137: What Are Umbrella Schools for Homeschool High School?

What kind of support is there for homeschooling high school families? There is so much these days. One of the most valuable supports is the umbrella school.

Join Sabrina, Kym and 7SistersHomeschool’s Marilyn as they discuss umbrella schools.

Other names for umbrella schools include: charter schools, university-model schools, hybrid schools, one-day schools.

7SistersHomeschool’s birth came out of Mt. Sophia Academy, an umbrella school registered as a non-public school in Delaware. Since its inception in 1996, Marilyn has served as principal, Vicki was academic advisor for 18 years, Sabrina, Kym, Sara, and Allison have served as teachers and other leadership positions.

Umbrella schools are generally designed to help homeschooling high schoolers as:

  • A liaison with the state Department of Education
  • Accountability
  • Transcript service
  • Academic and career advising
  • Optional on-campus courses
  • Support groups

When families are part of an umbrella school, the school is support for you, but you are still the in-charge person. They are not homeschooling your children FOR you but WITH you.

If you are a member of an umbrella school, be sure to

In the group classes, teachers usually provide a syllabus for course. This will provide information on assignments, tests, projects, along with texts and grading scales.

Tips for parents who are teaching umbrella school courses.

  • Help set a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Set atmosphere of brining new teens in an accepting them.
  • Teach teens how to do classroom discussion, explain how it works. (Sabrina has some great ideas, listen in!)
  • Use *participation chips* to encourage classroom discussion (Sabrina and Kym give out poker chips for participating, which give teens extra credit OR teens must earn X-number of chips each class.)
  • Talk about expectations on the first day.
  • Talk about respect of each other, adults, facilities.
  • Train teens to initiate questions on homework and assignments, rather than parents. This is a great life skills.

Join Sabrina, Kym and Marilyn for this helpful discussion on homeschooling high school with umbrella schools. You’ll also enjoy these posts:

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HSHSP Ep 137: What Are Umbrella Schools for Homeschool High School?