Benefits of Video Projects

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Benefits of video projects for homeschoolers

 261: Benefits of video projects  

There are many benefits of  video projects for homeschool students – and this episode unpacks some of those benefits

Main Points:

  • Kids and teens enjoy the video medium and will likely enjoy creating videos
  • Video creation is a useful skill for college and jobs
  • There are many scholarships that require videos
  • Making videos teaches various skills like planning, tech skills, editing, etc.
  • Videos are easy to share with others like family, friends, classmates

Types of Video Tools Mentioned:

  • My Simple Show – add text and it creates video with clipart
  • Built-in laptop software like iMovie
  • Screen sharing videos (e.g. explaining how a website works) Can use Zoom or Loom
  • Canva
  • Powtoon – for creating animated videos
  • Slideshows turned into videos

Potential Project Ideas:

  • Explain how to play Minecraft
  • Documentary about last vacation using Canva
  • Animated book report with Powtoon
  • Fundraiser promo video for non-profit organization
  • Tutorial videos based on child’s hobbies and interests



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Benefits of video projects for homeschoolers