Get Out the Vote

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Get Out the Vote imgGet Out the Vote

Podcast #54

In this podcast, Suzanne and Sharon look at the importance of voting. We look at ways to be more civically involved and why it is important. Get out the Vote! As Florida’s homeschooling association, we recognize the importance of knowing about who our representatives are. Who will be writing and passing future legislation that could impact homeschooling families. It is both important and our responsibility as homeschoolers to vote with an informed education on who is running and what their platform is. Not sure how to become more involved and informed on the candidates? Listen in and learn about some tips and strategies to be more informed.

  • Learn who the candidates are
  • Know their platform
  • Know about their voting history
  • Know where they stand on home education
  • Get involved with a candidates campaign
  • Educate other homeschoolers about the candidate
  • Incorporate civics in your homeschooling studies
  • Involve your students in youth programs

And more importantly – Get out the vote!


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