Voting When There’s Not Much Choice – MBFLP 120

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MBFLP 120 - Voting V

2016 Presidential Election – the eve of Super Tuesday – and you might be feeling some dismay. Only four small states into the primary season, and the field which started with 23 serious candidates has already narrowed to 7. Maybe you look at the choices left and wonder, is it even worth bothering? Am I just choosing the lesser of bad alternatives? Can you trust any of them? This episode, we talk about the importance of making a choice even if the best candidate suspended already!



2:53 – What does the Bible tell us about a democratic election?
5:22 – Understanding “original sin” as a governmental process
8:15 – Constitutional erosion and the modern presidency
12:34 – Voting in anger
13:54 – Three factors for making your choice
16:08 – The history and risk of third-party candidates
18:24 – Protest voting
20:06 – What’s a Christian voter to do?
26:00 – Some principles in summary


McKay Caston, How To Choose a Candidate: Three Simple Principles

Compare Presidential candidates at

Frederich Hayek, The Road To Serfdom (read the condensation here!)

The Buckley Rule (William F. Buckley)

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MBFLP – Teaching Kids About Liberty and Government

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

MBFLP - Teaching Kids About Government and Liberty

On the eve of the mid-term elections, how do we talk about the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity? How can we help keep the next generation from trading our hard-won freedom for supposed security or momentary gain? Do we appreciate the importance of even these small local races that clutter up the bottom of the ballot? Join us as we share some of the things we’ve done in our family!