Why Study Spanish, Interview with Suzanne Gose

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Why Study Spanish, Interview with Suzanne Gose.

Why Study Spanish, Interview with Suzanne Gose

Why Study Spanish, Interview with Suzanne Gose

Spanish is one of those subjects moms often don’t know where to begin when they’re homeschooling their high school teen. But do they really need to study Spanish? We got to chat with Suzanne Gose, the founder of Flip Flop Spanish and Spanish Geniuses, and Suzanne shares her homeschool journey and how she created a unique and engaging Spanish curriculum for homeschoolers. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Flip Flop Spanish!

About Suzanne Gose

Suzanne, a former public school teacher, found herself searching for something more fulfilling after becoming a stay-at-home mom. Intrigued by the concept of homeschooling, she decided to offer Spanish tutoring and classes to homeschoolers. 

She was amazed by the level of engagement and interest from the teenagers she taught. They were attentive, caring, and genuinely interested in their own education. It was a revelation for her, and she knew she wanted her own children to have that kind of experience. So, she became a homeschooler herself! Little did she know that this decision would change her life and lead her to create Flip Flop Spanish. 

As Suzanne began creating her own curriculum for homeschoolers, she noticed a gap in the market for a flexible and interactive Spanish program. She started printing packets for parents who couldn’t attend her classes, and her husband encouraged her to get published. This led to the development of the Flip Flop Spanish workbook, which became the foundation of her curriculum.

Why Flip Flop Spanish?

The name Flip Flop Spanish perfectly captures the essence of Suzanne’s curriculum. The workbook was designed with pages that could be flipped upside down, allowing students to review what they had already learned. This unique approach not only made learning Spanish fun but also encouraged students to think in Spanish rather than translate word-for-word.

She later added flashcards, which became their flagship product. They were especially helpful for her second child, who had a visual processing disorder. The flashcards allowed him to learn Spanish without the need for reading, which was a game-changer for him.

Flip Flop Spanish is an incredible curriculum that caters to different learning styles and challenges.

Motivating Teenagers To Learn Spanish

Motivating teenagers to learn a second language can be a challenge. Suzanne believes that making language learning enjoyable and relevant is key to capturing their interest. Like Flip Flop Spanish, which incorporates game-like activities, speed rounds, charades, and even friendly competitions to make learning Spanish exciting for teens.  

There are a few ways to motivate teens when it comes to learning Spanish. Making it fun and game-like often does this well. Using flashcards for speed rounds, charades, or even competing against parents can make learning enjoyable. 

The Power of Being Bilingual

Learning Spanish goes beyond simply adding a language to a transcript. Suzanne emphasizes the practical benefits of being bilingual, particularly in the job market. Speaking Spanish can increase earning potential by $10,000 or more per year. It also enhances job security and opens doors to a wider range of career opportunities. 

Suzanne’s curriculum aims to equip teens with the language skills they need to thrive in a bilingual world. Learning Spanish not only enriches your life but also opens doors to new friendships and experiences.

Another remarkable benefit of learning a second language, according to Suzanne, is the positive impact it has on brain health. Learning Spanish exercises various areas of the brain, improving memory, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication skills. Bilingual individuals often experience better cognitive function and a reduced risk of cognitive decline later in life. 

Learning Spanish goes beyond just fulfilling a transcript requirement. It’s about making a positive impact on the world and embracing the opportunities that come with being bilingual.

Being bilingual in Spanish is like having a superpower. It sets you apart and allows you to connect with people in a unique way. – Suzanne Gose

Being bilingual in Spanish is like having a superpower. It sets you apart and allows you to connect with people in a unique way. - Suzanne Gose

Exploring the Flip Flop Spanish Curriculum

Flip Flop Spanish offers a comprehensive curriculum for the whole family, starting as young as three years old. The curriculum incorporates flashcards, games, and engaging activities to create an immersive learning experience. 

For high school students, Suzanne has developed a video course called Spanish Geniuses, which combines a textbook approach with interactive video lessons.

Getting Started with Flip Flop Spanish

If you’re new to Flip Flop Spanish, Suzanne recommends starting with the flashcards and the See It and Say It curriculum. This approach allows students to think in Spanish from the beginning, building a solid foundation for further learning. 

Because when you start with their flashcards, it uses pictures and simple sentences to train the brain to think in Spanish rather than relying on translation. This method is effective for young children as well as older teens. 

For high schoolers, the Spanish Geniuses video course provides a structured and engaging way to progress in their language studies. It includes a textbook and covers more advanced concepts while still maintaining a motivating and interactive approach. 

Flip Flop Spanish and Spanish Geniuses is designed to build a strong foundation in Spanish while keeping the learning process fun and manageable.

So if you have a teen who feels overwhelmed by traditional grammar-heavy textbooks, Suzanne’s approach of starting with flashcards and gradually introducing more complex concepts is a great way to build confidence and fluency.

Suzanne wants to make learning Spanish a positive and empowering experience for teens, setting them up for success in both their academic and personal lives.

Why Study Spanish with Suzanne Gose

Learning a second language is not only a valuable skill but also a gateway to new opportunities and personal growth. Flip Flop Spanish offers a refreshing and engaging approach to language learning, making it accessible and enjoyable for homeschoolers of all ages. 

Whether you’re a parent looking for a comprehensive Spanish curriculum or a teenager seeking to boost your language skills, Flip Flop Spanish can guide you on your language learning journey. Embrace the fun and benefits of learning Spanish with Flip Flop Spanish!

Connect with Flip Flop Spanish

To learn more about Flip Flop Spanish and connect with Suzanne Gos, visit the Flip Flop Spanish website at flipflopspanish.com. You can also find Flip Flop Spanish on Facebook and Instagram, where Suzanne shares updates, tips, and resources for language learners.

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