3 Tips for the Work at Home Mom | Interview with Mom Jobs Work from Home

3 Tips for the Work at Home Mom | Interview with Mom Jobs Work from Home

3 Tips for the Work at Home Mom | Interview with Mom Jobs Work from Home

Join Gina Glenn for an interview with a fellow VA and owner of MomJobsWorkFromHome.com

Nakisha is my personal assistant and a successful wahm. I thought you’d enjoy hearing from a mom who is successfully working her business.

Nakisha’s Tips for Work at Home Moms

  • Have a plan and work you plan.
  • Prioritize your homeschooling and family before your work.
  • Embrace the freedom that comes with owning your own business and homeschooling.
  • Use your business and the challenges that come with that to express your creativity.
  • Understand that online jobs and clients come and go. Go with the flow, knowing you’ll continue to grow.

Learn to work your plan for success.

Nakisha is the Get Stuff Done work at home mom of an only child. She and her husband enjoy traveling, learning, and all things racing.

Her virtual assistance expertise includes:

Social Media Management: Managing your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter platform. Along with any other social media tasks as needed. Includes: >Weekly updates scheduled on your selected platform This service is perfect for achieving: >A steady stream of posts on your page >Timely responses to comments about your brand >Timely responses to messages sent to your inbox >To increase followers and build your boards up daily Additional tasks: >Editing blogs >Chore threads >General Administrative Tasks (Email, Google docs, data entry, and online research)

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