When Mom Loses Control Of Her Mouth – HIRL Episode 55

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Free homeschool podcast discussing when mom loses control of her mouth.Spicy words? Uncontrolled tongues? What do you do when Mom is the one to lose control of her mouth and damages the ones she loves with sharp words? One of our faithful HIRLers called in asking us to answer these questions, so we dove right in.

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Join us as we open up about our own struggles with losing our temper with our kids. What do we do when we lose control of our mouth and unleashes on those around us. This is a transparent episode about a difficult topic we have not conquered in our own home. Join us!

1:02 – Introduction
10:24 – Listener Call-In
12:09 – Spicy Words

Show Notes

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“Scheming Weasel” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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