Reimagine Teen Ministry

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #207, Reimagine Teen Ministry, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Reimagine Teen Ministry

In “Reimagine Teen Ministry,” Episode, #207, join Meredith Curtis to reimagine family ministry in the 21st century. How can teens and their families reach this generation and build up God’s forever family? The answers take us back to Scripture, uses updated technology, and involve love that flows from knowing Christ. Reach your city and reach the world while growing closer as a family!





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Show Notes

Your teens and children are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church of today.

Children & Teens Who Served God

Joseph, Samuel, David, Naaman’s servant girl, Daniel, Boy with his lunch

Teens are Passionate

Teens are wired for Passion! If they don’t find it serving God, they will look elsewhere

Reimagine Ministry

Great Commission

Creation Mandate

Call to Love

Ways Teens Can Serve

  • Set an Example
  • Lead a Bible Study
  • Teach Sunday School
  • Greeting
  • Sound Team
  • Worship Team
  • Coffee Shop
  • Helping Folks Move
  • Sharing Testimony
  • Coaching
  • Reaching Out to Fatherless Children
  • Create a Website
  • Create a Podcast
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • Read to the Blind
  • Drama, Plays, Skits
  • Helping Elderly
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Witnessing at the Mall, Arcade, Downtown
  • VBS
  • Painting, Yard Work
  • Mission Trips

Choose a Ministry

  • Need
  • Teen’s Gifting
  • Prompting of Holy Spirit
  • Fit
  • Parent’s Blessing
  • Emotional Maturity
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Training Opportunity

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