Take a Look Inside the Live Q&A and Mini-Trainings in the Homeopathy for Mommies Members Corner

Listen to an excerpt of the Live Q&A and Understanding Child Constitutions Mini-Training from the Homeopathy for Mommies Members Corner! #podcast #homeopathyThis week we are going to do something a little different and give you a little look inside our Members Corner.  If you had not heard, our Members Corner is my new private membership website for moms, dads, grandparents … really anyone who wants to learn more about homeopathy in a private online community.  I created this little group because there was so much I wanted to talk about that I did feel free to discuss in public due to the latest scrutiny of those from the natural health community.  If you haven’t noticed or heard, many natural health groups and practitioners are slowly being censored online.  Facebook pages and groups are disappearing overnight with millions of followers.  My assistant Joy who works on my Pinterest account has even said that they announced that they are removing any content of anti-vaccine related pins online and from the search feature with their reason being “preventing people from encountering harmful misinformation.”  The best option has always been to have a private place that I can create and control to share my information and knowledge.


So what do we do we have in the Members Corner?  First, we have a growing library of printables and exclusive audio and video mini-resources.  Every podcast since we started in November has a printable in the library.  We currently have over 50 resources listed in our Resource Library, and a majority of these are exclusive to our Members.  Some of the most recent ones include special remedy reviews, homeopathy for toilet training, homeopathy for warts, Fevers 101, handouts with remedies for Measles and Mumps, Audio and handout resources for popular protocols like the vaccine cleanup and pharma cleanup, and several resources on using natural remedies like essential oils and other remedies with homeopathy safely.  I also have been putting in some healthy heritage recipes in because we all know how important it is to have a healthy diet as a part of overall health.


Another part of the Members Corner is our Monthly Mini-Trainings.  These are more in-depth than a resource – we currently have 7 mini-trainings available.   In this podcast,  I’m going to play you an excerpt from our latest mini-training, Understanding Child Constitutions.  This is a 5 part series that helps you understand remedy pictures of child constitutions.  Listen in to hear an excerpt from the April and May mini-training.  We also have mini-trainings on Homeopathy for Congestion, Lifestyle and Homeopathy for a healthy happy weight, The Tale the Tongue Tells when Choosing a Remedy, Understanding Basic Homeopathic Philosophy, Homeopathy for Eczema, and our first mini-training was a Homeopathy Basics class.   I also have recorded my personal story that you’ll only hear in the Members Corner – it is also in the Mini-trainings section.   We have so many wonderful things planned for the coming months for mini-trainings, I am sure you will enjoy what is coming!


Another thing we have each month for Members only is a Live Q&A with me on Zoom.  I meet live with everyone on Zoom that is able to come and ask questions about homeopathy!  I really love these calls because the questions are so wonderful and I get to see everyone’s smiling faces!  Of course, if you are nervous about being seen on video, you can just call in on your phone or turn your video off and use the chat box to answer your question.    I try to make these meetings work for everyone’s schedule by alternating times each month – we do 10 AM CST one month and then 7 PM CST the next month.   But if you  have a question and can’t come to a meeting, you can submit your question via email and watch the replay afterwards too.  Listen in the podcast as I answer a few questions at our recent Live Q&A.  Our next one is scheduled for April 25th at 7 PM CST so I hope you all can join us for that one!


One other thing that I have on my Members Corner is a private forum.  I don’t like Facebook and my assistant Joy found me a private forum that works very much like Facebook but with privacy that I can control.  It even has it’s own app that I have yet to figure out but all the techie people out there might enjoy trying it out! It’s a great way to ask questions to all the members and really experience an online community without the scrutiny of Facebook and the fear of being deleted or blocked.


I also offer give Members a special discount to our store each month and most recently I have decided to make Special Order Remedies only available to my members.  There is so much going on with the FDA, I just feel much better about safely offering remedies this way.



The membership will close after each enrollment period so we can concentrate on making amazing resources for our members and also so my staff can help me do some new things that I have planned for the rest of the year.  We do plan to reopen three times a year, but as the amount of resources increase so will the price of new membership enrollment so now is the time to lock in as a founding member!  You can cancel anytime and re-enroll later when you can come back at the new enrollment pricing.


You can sign up in time to join us next week for the Live Q&A!  Just go to homeopathyformommies.com/members and start your subscription there.


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  1. Kelly Aulson says

    Im dying to find out more on this topic! I’ve been soaking up all the info I can find on the web re Children’s Constitutional Remedies. Are there any books or other resources you recommend?

    • Joy Rhodes says

      Hi Kelly! Sue has a Understanding Child Constitutions Course that will be available for purchase in June. Stay tuned!

    • Sue Meyer says

      Hi Kelly! My online course for Understanding Child Constitutions is in the Members Corner now (which is closed) but we will be offering it as a separate course in June to the public. Stay tuned!

  2. Jaclyn Booth says

    How do we access the child constitution course?
    Advent Blessings!

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