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Two Moms on Different Sides of the Same Coin

Talking Mom2Mom is a rest stop for moms traveling the homeschool road. Your hosts, Richele and Lindsey, are two homeschool moms in different seasons of life. Lindsey has 6 children all 8 and younger while Richele has 4 children who are all 8 and older. The perfect pair to offer each other (and you!) perspective, encouragement, and a dose of reality where needed. While Lindsey is changing diapers and sweeping up the crumbs, Richele is learning about dual enrollment and wondering what on earth her preteen daughter is doing in the bathroom for so long. Join them as they share their trials, victories, and all the laughs in between.

Listen in for topics ranging from managing your home and homeschool with multiple ages, marriage over the years, raising Godly young girls and boys, leaning on the Lord at all times, and so much more!

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Talking Mom 2 Mom Episodes

How to use Morning Baskets in your Homeschool

Start your school day out right by following a Morning Basket routine in your homeschool! Listen as Lindsey and Richele define what a Morning Basket is and how they use it in their homeschools. Helpful Links: Brainy Days FREE Calendar: Teaching from Rest: Loop Schedule Workshop:   Talking Mom2Mom Links:   Talking […]

Raising Tiny Entrepreneurs

Want to incorporate training in life skills, business acumen, character, and people skills into your homeschool curriculum? Listen in as Richele and Lindsey talk about how the prospect of starting a small family business can create new and exciting learning opportunities for everyone. Free Tiny Entrepreneurs Guide to Getting Started: Free Tiny Entrepreneurs: Build […]

Making Learning Fun with Review Games

Are your kids complaining that their school work isn’t fun? Do you see gaps in their learning? Review games are a fantastic way to stimulate the brain and the body simultaneously. Listen in as Lindsey and Richele talk about their favorite review games to play in their homeschool rooms.   Review games we love: Speed: […]

Encouraging a Child Reluctant to Write

Children often express a dislike for writing. They will either say it is too hard, boring, or they don’t know what to write. This is one homeschool battle that can be won with both sides claiming the victory. Join Richele as she explores ways to encourage your reluctant writer to enjoy the writing process. Yes, […]

Discovering Dyslexia and Reading Issues in Your Child

Richele and Lindsey both have dyslexic children and understand how hard it is to see your child struggle through reading lessons. Join them as they discuss how they discovered their children had dyslexia and the steps they took to help. Their hope is that they can help you navigate troubled reading waters and sail into […]

The Gift of Failure

Failing hurts. Every task or project that we put effort into that fails stings of discouragement. It can wear us down and prevent us from seeing our gifts and talents. It can make us believe we do not have anything to offer. But what if we thought of failure as a gift and not an […]

Cut the Stress and Mess Out of Your Life this Homeschool Year

Do you consistently find yourself failing in the area of time management? Lindsey has tried every planner and planning method out there to no avail for keeping track of her homeschool and staying on top of all the housework. She needs the accountability but simultaneously craves flexibility for her everchanging schedule. Join Lindsey as she […]

What Tree Roots Taught Me About My Children’s Sin

There is no such thing as small sin. Every act of rebellion, no matter the size, should be handled swiftly and purposefully.  If sin is not taken out by the root, it will continue to grow and expand eventually threatening to overtake your child’s heart. We never intend to allow sin to grow in our […]

On the Importance of Reading Aloud to Your Children

Reading aloud to your children has a multitude of benefits for your family. Join Lindsey as she discusses the importance of reading aloud and gives some encouragement and ideas for the mom who may not be delighted at the idea of reading aloud to her children.                   […]

To the Wife Whose Husband Works Long Hours

When missed date nights, little league games, and dinner, threaten to destroy your marriage you can fight against it. When your husband works long hours it takes a toll on your family life and marriage. It is all too easy for the distance to grow between you to the point neither of you have the […]

Learning How to Budget Your Time

Take control of the time God has given you to have a more productive homeschool year and to cultivate a more peaceful environment at home.  Join Lindsey this week on this podcast from Talking Mom 2 Mom. Helpful Link from the Talking Mom 2 Mom Podcast’s Blog: 5 Ways to Declutter Your Schedule: Stop Being […]

Implementing Continuing Ed for the Homeschool Mom

Take the time to learn something new or explore a topic or hobby you have always wanted to. Think you don’t have the time or it isn’t important? Think again. Listen in for why this is crucial to you and your family and how to easily fit it in to any busy schedule. Visit our […]

3 Must-Read Books for Every Homeschool Mom

Lindsey has three book recommendations for every homeschooling mama that are must-reads before entering the new school year. These three books will encourage you to look to Christ daily. They will challenge you to rethink your method of homeschooling, all while helping to confirm within you why you chose to homeschool in the first place. […]

How a Broken Down Car Cultivated Family Relationships

We spent every day together yet relationships were not being formed. We were virtual strangers when the day came that we were forced to spend time alone together as opposed to running from destination to destination. When the busyness of life takes over you have nothing to gain but everything to lose. Learn how taking […]

Developing Traditions & Hobbies with Your Kids

The days are long and the years are short. We get caught up in the day to day operations and before long our children are grown up. Developing traditions and including your children in your hobbies is one way to develop and maintain a strong relationship and sense of family as the years pass. Links: […]

Learning to Say No

Do you find yourself saying “yes” and regretting it as the word leaves your lips? Are you being crushed under the weight of obligations and commitments? Learn how to freely say yes and feel good about saying no. Avoid burning out and continue to be a blessing to your family and those around you. Links: […]

Traveling with a Large Family

Traveling with a large family long distances can be daunting. Here are some tips from one mom who has done it a few times with 6 kids under 9 years old. Join Lindsey as she shares her tips for entertaining the kids, saving money when eating out, and making the most of the time you […]

Advice for Moms Interested in Direct Sales

We understand that moms are looking for ways to earn a living while they stay at home. We also understand that direct sales can be intimidating. Join us, as we discuss ways to make direct sales work for you. Talking Mom2Mom Links: How to Choose the Right Direct Sales Business that is Right For You […]

Teaching Modesty to our Daughters

It is very difficult to train our daughters in modesty in the midst of a society that does not praise modest dress or respect a modest heart. Join Lindsey and Richele as they speak from personal experience, having 8 daughters between the two of them, how they are training their girls to understand that modesty […]

Implementing & Maintaining Family Devotions

Do you implement consistent family devotions in your home? Join these two moms as they talk about how to start family devotions and keep God’s Word in your conversation as you “walk by the way” with your children. Whether you have younger children or older, a husband who is involved and desiring to lead or […]

Exploring Home Business for the Homeschool Family

Richele and Lindsey are passionate about entrepreneurship. We want to help you explore this option for your kids and your family in a realistic and fun way that leads to much many blessings. Children who are exposed to home business learn so much from acting professionally to business planning to time management. Find out how […]

How to Choose the Right Curriculum for Your Homeschool

Do you find sifting through the myriad of curriculum options out there overwhelming? Whether you are new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, there is helpful information here for you! In this episode, Richele and Lindsey tackle practical ways to choose the right curriculum for your homeschool student, as well as, how to change mid-year […]

Homeschool Budgeting

Richele and Lindsey understand what it is like to have to homeschool on a budget. Affording the homeschool life doesn’t have to be stressful. There are ways to combat the cost while providing a quality education. Join Richele and Lindsey for tips and suggestions to help you save time and money!   Budgeting Tool: […]

Navigating Your Way through a Homeschool Convention

Have you ever attended a homeschool convention before? Are you desiring to attend one in the near future? Listen to Richele as she shares, from personal experience, why you should attend, as well as, a best strategy for how to navigate the overwhelmingly awesome vendor halls full of homeschool curriculum. Get the most out of […]

Create a Peaceful Environment Through Habit Training

Do you struggle to instill habits within your children on a day to day basis? Discipline is often something that every mom desires to inject into her own schedule, but often feels ill equipped to train her child due to a personal feeling of failure in this area. Join Richele and Lindsey for some much […]

Studying Art, Music, and Nature the Charlotte Mason Way

Episode 8: Studying Art, Music, and Nature the Charlotte Mason Way Did you know that art, music, and nature study ought to be a priority in your homeschool? These add imagination, wonder, excitement, and discovery that support the rest of your studies for every child at every age. Join the conversation with Lindsey and Richele […]

What Qualifies YOU to Homeschool?

Episode 7:  What Qualifies You to Homeschool? Join Richele for a moment of encouragement in your homeschool journey. Have ever been asked if you were qualified to homeschool? Have you ever wondered if you were? There is no need to homeschool with fear in your heart. You are uniquely qualified to homeschool your child. Sit […]

How to Implement Narration, Dictation, and Copywork in Your Homeschool

Episode 6: How to Implement Narration, Dictation, and Copywork in Your Homeschool  Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin Are you curious how to implement narration, dictation, can copywork into your homeschool? Let’s discuss ways to incorporate these Charlotte Mason elements into your homeschool to encourage attentiveness, handwriting, punctuation, sentence structure, and listening skills in your children. […]

Implementing the Charlotte Mason Method

Episode 5:  Implementing the Charlotte Mason Method Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin Join Richele and Lindsey as they explore the Charlotte Mason method and how to implement it in your homeschool. Lindsey will discuss how she implements the method with young children while Richele will share how it looks through the years. Is the […]

Handling Homeschool Backlash from Family and Friends

How are you…  Handling Homeschool Backlash from Family and Friends?  Episode #4  Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin Do you have family who question your decision to homeschool? Do your children get quizzed by neighbors?  Don’t let the backlash shake your confidence about your decision to homeschool your children. Don’t fall into the trap of […]

Husbands And Homeschooling

Husbands And Homeschooling with Hosts: Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin Podcast #3 Show Notes – Husbands and Homeschooling Join Lindsey and Richele as they look at homeschooling through the lens of homeschooling dads and discuss what potential role a husband can play in the homeschool room. Many husbands are skeptical of homeschooling the children, others […]

4 Things that Steal Your Joy in Homeschooling

Things that Steal Your Joy in Homeschooling, Episode 2 Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin Let’s talk about four things that threaten to steal your joy in homeschooling. Lindsey and Richele will share how overscheduling ourselves, comparing our homeschools, a lack of discipline in our homes, and ridiculous expectations can lead to dissatisfaction and stomp […]

Meet Richele and Lindsey

Talking Mom 2 Mom – Meet Richele and Lindsey Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin Show Notes:   Meet Lindsey and Richele, the hosts of the new podcast on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, Talking Mom2Mom. Lindsey and Richele are two moms on different sides of the same coin. Lindsey is just beginning her homeschool […]

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