Tap Into Your Child’s Learning Potential – Special Replay

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Tap Into Your Learning Potential – Special Replay

Did you know you can tap into your learning potential by understanding how the brain works? Felice Gerwitz and Jessica Parnell, CEO of Bridgeway Academy explain how a parent can benefit from this information.

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The brain is creating new neuro-pathways throughout your entire life.  Studies show what parts of the brain are engaging as kids learn. Learning disabilities can be repaired through new neuro-pathways and the science behind education. Homeschool parents especially have the ability to tap into your child’s potential!

Working Memory:

The working memory is a term used for the pre-frontal cortex. It is responsible for conscious thought is highly important for education. This is important for learning for self-control.

  • Making decisions
  • Understanding
  • Recalling
  • Deciding
  • Self-control
  • Memory
  • Imagination

By understanding the effects of the brain’s working memory you can tap into your child’s learning potential.

Every single decision taxes our working memory.

  • Know those energy-sapping subjects for students.
  • Mix up how we use our brain, put in other subjects that are not as taxing
  • Small break replenishes the brain. 5-10 minutes…and add movement…
  • Move! That helps your working memory. Moving the spine sending new electrical signals up to their brain and getting it to think again.

Knowing Your Learning Style Helps – Ways to Help Retain Information.

  • Students learn differently
  • Need ways to get information off of working memory so that you can process – getting them off the pre-frontal cortex
  • Write down your information so your working memory is free
  • Developing metaphors, telling stories, engage the emotional side of the brain.

Basal Ganglia – Helps Preserve Working Memory

  • Drives habits
  • Things we turn into habits
  • So much more powerful and it does not take so much energy
  • Flashcards – get into basal ganglia becomes instinctive and routine, you are not taxing your brain so you can do more complex challenging tasks

Tap Into Your Learning Potential – Does the digital age help?

  • We are becoming dependent on that quick answer to things.
  • We are not developing to skills to see if the answer is correct.
  • Lack of focus and scattered attention span.
  • The social aspect has become difficult – skills learned in interaction are different than sending a text.

About our special guest, Jessica Parnell:

Jessica Parnell, CEO Bridgestone Academy | #bridgestoneproud



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